Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam – 3

Q. Bengal femine 1943 / brown spot of rice is caused by – Helminthosporium oryzae

Q. Life cycle of wheat rust is given by – K. C. Mehta

Q. The pathogen associated with the discovery of Bordeaux mixture is – Plasmosphora viticola

Q.  First bacterial disease known as fire blight of pear was reported for first time from USA by – T. J . Burill

Q. Udabatta disease of rice is due to – Ephelis oryzae

Q. Ring rust of Aonla is caused by – Ravenellia emblica var. fructoidae

Q. Frog eye leaf spot of tobacco is caused by – Cercospora nicotianae (Fungus)

Q. Leaf blight of cotton is caused by  – Alternaria macrospora

Q. Father of Microbiology is – Louis Pasteur

Q. Bacterium was discovered by – Anton Leewenhock

Q. Father of Modern Plant Pathology is – Anton de Berry

Q. Bordeaux mixture was developed by  – P.M.A.Millardet

Q. Central Plant Protection Training Institute is situated at – Hyderabad (A.P.)

Q. Integrated pest control ( IPM) term was coined by  – Bartlett (1956)

Q. The term “Pest Management” was given by  – Geier (1970)

Q. Father of Insect Physiology is  – Wiggelworth

Q. DDT was discovered by – Paul Hermann Muller

Q. First insecticide discovered was – DDT

Q. Plant Protection and Quarantine Act was passed in the year – 1912

Q. India’s first food and vegetable processing industry was established at – Mumbai (1935)

Q. India’s first fruit Preservation and Canning Institute was established at – Lucknow (1949)

Q. Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) was established at – Mysore (1950)

Q. “Food product order”(FPO) was passed by Government of India in 1955

Q. “Central Food laboratory” located in – Kolkata

Q. International registration authority for Rose located in – USA

Q. International registration authority for Bougainvillea located in – New Delhi

Q. Commercial life of rose plant is – 8 years

Q. “National Horticulture mission” start in – May 2005

Q. “National food for work programme” started in – Nov. 2004

Q. Which product can’t be spoil – (never spoil) Honey

Q. How many preservative chemical permitted by FPO for food products – 2 Sodium (Benzoate & Potassium Metabisulphite)

Q. Vinegar concentration should be not more than used in reservation –2%

Q. Post harvest losses in fruit and vegetable – 20-40%

Q. How much Concentration of sugar is used for  preservation – 60-70%

Q. “Zero energy cooling chamber” was developed by – S.K. Roy

Q. Coconut fat richest source of –Lauric acid

Q. Which chemical used for preventing sprouting during storage in onion –Maleic Hydrazide

Q. “National Horticulture board” located in – Gurugram (Haryana)

Q. In potato crop earthing up done –40 day after sowing

Q. Clove required for planting garlic – 500 kg/ha

Q. Seed rate of marigold –1.5 kg/ha

Q. Which fruit rich source of protein – Cashew nut (21.2%)

Q. Which fruit is rich source of calcium – Litchi (0.2 1%)

Q. Protein and carbohydrate present in potato – 2% and 22%

Q. “Goma Kirti” is a variety of – Ber

Q. “Pusa Vishwas” is a famous variety of – Pumpkin

Q. Suitable fruit for making jelly – Guava

Q. Suitable vegetable for Canning purpose – Pea

Q. Planting distance in Amrapali (mango variety) – 2.5×2.5 M²

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