Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 236 for Competitive Exam

1. % protein in fish is Less than 30

2. (A x B) x C is Three way cross

3. ——— is gram positive Corynebacterium

4. ————- Convert nitrite (NO2) compound into nitrates (N03) Nitrobacter

5. Alley cropping means Growing of field crop in between two widely spaced rows of fast-growing trees

6. Aruna is mutant variety of Castor

7. Ascent of cell sap from root to tree top is exercised by Xylem

8. Awarodhi variety of gram is resistant to Wilt

9. Layering is useful for propagation of Rose

10. ‘olour” is a polymbryonic variety of Mango

11. Pusa purple round is a ———– variety of brinjal – Long duration 

12. Queen is the variety of Pine apple

13. Range is the measurement between Highest and lowest

14. Ratna variety of mango is cross of Neelam x Alphonso

15. Record keeping should characterized by Completeness Accuracy Simplicity

16. Tikka disease is associated with Groundnut crop

17. Fluid mosaic model relates to the structure of Bio membrane

18. Hollow heart disease of sugar beet caused due to Boron deficiency

19. Kranz anatomy of leaf is found in Sugarcane

20. 1 nm is equal to 10 to the power 9 m

21. 2n + 1 state is referred to as Trisomy

22. Nitrogen is applied into transplanted rice in the proportion of 50 % at basal + 25% at tillering +25% at panicle emergence

23. 80kg N,40kg P2O5 and 100kg K2O ;then the grade of this mixture will be 8-4-10

24. Sugars present DNA and RNA respectively are Deoxyribose and Ribose

25. A 50 sq.m. plot is to be given an irrigation of 6cm depth. The total water requirement will be 300 liters

26. A balance diet is The food that supplies all the essential nutrients in amount that meet our nutritional needs

27. A character determined by gene present on X-chromosome is called Sex – linked character

28. A chromosome which differs either in number or morphology between male and female of species is known as Sex chromosome

29. A combination of horticultural crops , field crops and tree species are called Silvi-postoral system

30. A combine cultivation of trees and grasses is to as Silvopastoral

31. A conference at which the views of several experts are given ,one after the another ,it seldom provides time for general discussion it refers to Pannel discussion

32. A duck average lays ——— than of a hen in a year- 30 – 40 eggs more

33. A form of low pruning to about 2 m up the stem Brashing

34. A prefect competitive market is where Large firms

35. A photosynthetic unit consists About 400 light harvesting chlorophyll molecules and trapping

36. Gas filled in fire extinguisher cylinders CO2

37. Black heart of potato is due to deficiency of Oxygen

38. A physical or chemical agent that free plants , organ or tissue from infection is a Disinfectant 

39. A process of initiating a conscious and purposeful action is called Motivation

40. A porous soil or geological formation which will yield sufficient quantities of water is called Well

41. A protein produced by living cell of micro organism plant and animal that can catalyze specific organic reaction is known as Enzyme

42. A recessive gene for resistance of disease can be transferred from parent to another using Backcross breeding

43. A short duration crop in between two main seasonal crops is termed as Catch crop

44. A single seed plant of tobacco may produce as many as 10,000 seeds

45. A spherical particle embedded in the phosphoprotein of thylakoid lamellae is known as Quantosome

46. A symbiotic association of fungus with subterranean part of a plant is said to be Mycorrhiza 

47. A useful pruning practice to produce large quantities of foilage close to ground level for fodder species or for leaf extract product is called Lopping

48. A variety produced by crossing in all combine well with each other is Synthetic

49. A variety produced by mixing seed of several phenotypically outstanding line and allowing all combination is Composite

50. Abscisic acid is a Retardant


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