Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 238 for Competitive Exam

1. Chairperson of UGC DHIREDRA PAL SINGH

2. Chairman of ISRO K. SIVAN

3. Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission K.N. VYAS

4. Chairperson of TRAI RAM SEVAK SHARMA


6. KCC scheme was launched in 1998-1999

7. At present farming system of India has become MARKET ORIENTED

8. Damaging stage of mustard saw fly CATERFILLERS

9. Rubisca enzyme play important role in PHOTOSYNTHESIS

10. Drifts hazards of 2 4 -D is mostly observed in COTTON

11. Bt.was discovered by S. ISHWATA

12. Deep root system ploughing depth 25-30cm

13. Variety of papaya produce no male plants SUNRISE SOLO

14. Guava is harvested throughout the year except APRIL – MAY

15. Ideal time of planting in grape is OCTOBER

16. The element deficiency is universal in grape is MG

17. Horizontal branch of cocoa is called FAN AND JORQUETTE

18. Royal commission on Agriculture was come in 1929

19. Shifting cultivation is mostly practised in JHARKHAND, MP, HILLY AREAS

20. Cropping intensity in monoculture system 100%

21. Cropping intensity of India 136%

22. First phase of soil erosion SPLACE EROSION

23. Fruit cracking appear due to nutrient deficiency BORON

24. Royal commission on Agriculture was came in 1929

25. Depth of sowing of soyabean seed 3cm


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