Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 239 for Competitive Exam

1. Who coined the term genetics- W. BATSON

2. Who coined the term “Phenotype” and “Genotype” – JOHANNSEN

3. Double helical structure of DNA was given by – WATSON AND CRICK

4. Who proposed the “Pre formation theory” – SWAMMERDAM AND BONNEST

5. Theory of Acquired Characters was proposed by – LAMARCK

6. Germplasm Theory was given by – WEISMANN

7. Jacob and Monad develop the concept of – OPERON

8. The chromosomes were discovered by – STRAUSS BURGER

9. In 1919, duplication in Drosophila was first reported by – BRIDGE

10. In 1909, which scientist gave the term epistasis – BATESON

11. Alternative form of a gene is known as – ALLELE

12. In 1909, who gave the term “Gene” – JOHANSSEN

13. The microscope was invented by – LEEUWENHOEK

14. The term “mitosis” was coined by – FLEMMING

15. Shortest stage of cell cycle – ANAPHASE

16. Longest stage of cell cycle – G1

17. Meiotic division of one cell gives rise to how many haploid cells- 4

18. Crossing over takes place during which stage of the cell cycle – PACHYTENE

19. The period from one cell division to another next cell division is called as – CELL CYCLE

20. Pairing of homologous chromosomes takes place during – MEIOSIS

21. Meiosis leads to the development of – GAMETE

22. Mitosis take place in – MEHASPORE POLLEN MOTHER CELLS

23. Chromosomes are clearly visible at – METAPHASE

24. Crossing over takes place between – HOMOLOGOUS CHROMOSOMES

25. Nucleolus disappears at the end – PROPHASE


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