Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 240 for Competitive Exam

1. Black mustard locally called Banarasi Rai is belong to – BRASSICA NIGRA

2. Black grown is summer should be seeded at – 20-25kg/ha

3. Black gram is originated in- INDIA

4. Blind hoeing is related to – SUGARCANE

5. Bonnevile, early badger, arkel are the improved varieties of – PEA

6. Boro rice is mainly grown in- WEST BENGAL

7. Botanical name of Nobel canes is- SACCHARUM OFFICINARUM

8. Botanical name of ragi is- ELEUSINE CORACENA

9. Botanical name of rajma is- PHASEOLUS VULGARIS

10. Both fodder & pulse crop is- COW PEA

11. Bran oil obtained from- HUSK OF PADDY

12. Brassica juncea is the scientific name of -RAI

13. Brown manuring is commonly practiced in -RICE

14. Brown revolution stands for the vitalization of – AGRO FOOD PROCESSING

15. Brown strip downy mildew of maize can be controlled by use of- BORDEAUX MIXTYRE (4:4:50)

16. Bunchy top is sugarcane is caused by- TOP SHOOT BORER

17. Bushing operation is performed in- RICE

18. Canvas is made from- SUNHEMP

19. Castor is originated in- TROPICAL AFRICA

20. Castor belongs to the family- EUPHORBIACEA

21. Centre of origin of rice is –SOUTH EAST ASIA

22. Cereals are deficient in amino acid -LYSINE

23. Cereals are major source of -CARBOHYDRATES

24. Check basin method of irrigation is also known as- BEDS & CHANNEL METHOD

25. Chemical used for warm cloud seedling- SILVER IODINE


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