Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 243 for Competitive Exam

1. Percentage of protein in fish is : LESS THAN 30

2. (A x B) x C is : THREE WAYS CROSS

3. ______ is gram-positive: CORYNEBACTERIUM

4. _______ convert nitrite (NO2) compounds into nitrates (NO3): NITROBACTER

5. _______ converts ammonia into nitrite: NITROSOMONAS

6. _______ the physical methods used for controlling nematodes: HEAT RADIATION OSMOTI PRESSURE

7. Ascent of cell sap’ from root to the treetop is exercised by: XYLEM

8. Layering’ is useful for propagation of :ROSE

9. Range’ is the measurement between :HIGHEST AND LOWEST

10. “Fluid mosaic model” relates to the structure of: BIOMEMBRANE

11. “Hollow-heart” disease of sugar beet is caused due to: BORON DEFICIENCY

12. “Kranz” anatomy of leaf is found in: SUGARCANE

13. 1 nm is equal to: 10-9 m

14. 2n + 1 state is refered to as: TRISOMY

15. Sugars present in DNA and RNA respectively are: DEOXYRIBOSE AND RIBOSE

16. A character determined by a gene present on X chromosome is called: SEX LINKED CHARACTER

17. A chromosome, which differs either in number or in morphology between male and female of a species, is known as: SEX CHROMOSOME

18. A combine cultivation of trees and grasses is referred to as: SILVOPASTORAL

19. A copping system where arable crops are grown in the inter spaces between rows of planted trees: ALLEY CROPPING

20. A demonstration, which shows the value or worth of the new practice: RESULT DEMONSTRATION

21. A duck on average lays _____ than of a hen in a year: 30-40 EGGS MORE

22. A form of low pruning to about 2 m up the stem: BRASHING

23. A perfect competitive market is where: LARGE FFIRMS

24. A physical or chemical agent that frees plant, organ or tissue from infection is a: DISINFECTANT

25. A process of initiating a conscious and purposeful action is called: MOTIVATION


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