Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 244 for Competitive Exam

1. Snaerobic environment in paddy soil is responsible for gaseous loss of fertilizer nitrogen by: DENITRIFICATION

2. Application of nitrogen in cowpea at the time of planting is known as: STARTER DOSE

3. Application of propanil after ______ in ricepaddies causes prohibitive vegetative injury: CARBOFURAN

4. Area required for raising seedlings for one-hectare normal sown crop of paddy: 500 sq meter

5. Arhar (pigeon pea) is commonly known as: RED GRAM

6. As per principles of crop rotation pulses should be included in rotation because: THEY HELP IN MAINTENANCE OF SOIL FERTILITY

7. Which portion of sugarcane stalk is preferred for sowing purposes : TOP ONE-THIRD TO HALF PORTION

8. At pH ______ H+ ion toxicity is lessened by the removal of these ions: 4.5 OR LESS

9. Autumn sown crop of sugarcane requires fertilizer than that of winter sown : MORE

10. Availability of phosphorus is maximum at pH : NEUTRAL

11. Azolla is a: WATER FERN

12. Azotobacter spp fix nitrogen: IN FREE SOIL

13. Bacteria responsible for nitrification are: NITROSIMONAS NITROBACTER

14. Barley requires _____ climate: COOL

15. Based on dark metabolism, glucose consumption for protein production is about _____ percent when nitrogen is provided as nitrate rather than as ammonium: 50

16. Begasse, a by-product of sugar manufacturing : ALCOHOL

17. Black soils are deficient in: NITROGEN

18. Black soil is used for the cultivation of: COTTON

19. Botanical name of Sixed row barley: HORDEUM VULGARE

20. Brassica Juncea is the scientific name of : RAI

21. Broadcast potassium is ________ than banded: LESS EFFICIENT

22. Brown strips downy mildew of maize can be controlled by use of : BORDEAUX MIXTURE (4:4:50)

23. Butylate stimulates germination in ______ seeds by enhancing gibberellic activity or by changing membrane of seed permeability: BARLEY

24. Indirect methods of measuring soil water content consist of resistance method and: GRAVIMETRIC

25. Castor belongs to family : EUPHORBIACEAE


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