Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 247 for Competitive Exam

1. Impurity percentage of seed is called as – DOCKAGE

2. Organic form of sulphur – CYSTEINE

3. The crown root in wheat appears – BELOW SOIL SURFACE BUT ABOVE SEED

4. In citrus zig- zig leaf mines and wilting and curling of leaves is caused due to – PHYLLOCNISTIS CITRELLA PEST

5. The currency note of India is made from the fibre of – SUNHEMP

6. Indian dwarf wheat belongs to – T. SPHEROCCUM

7. Which texture of soil cannot withstand drought and suitable for dry farming – SAND

8. What is the minimum temperature for growth of rice in India – 12 ℃

9. Alpine is breed of GOAT

10. What is the depth of ploughing for deep rooted crop – 25-30cm

11. What is the optimum temperature for growth if wheat in India – 20℃

12. Shelling percentage of groundnut is – 70-75%

13. Inserting the seed through a hole at the desired depth and covering the hole is known as – DIBBLING

14. What is the plant population per hectare for a long duration variety of rice crop – 333000

15. In ultra-narrow row concept in cotton R-R and P-P spacing is – 19 X 19

16. Water use efficiency in drip irrigation can go high as – 95%

17. Which type of seed used for commercial multiplication – CERTIFIED

18. PM Krishi sinchayi yojana was started in which year – 2015

19. Which plant nutrient moves from soil to the root’s interaction mass flow and diffusion in equal proportion – Zn

20. Vasantrao naik award is given by ICAR for Research application in – DRYLAND AGRICULTURE

21. Progeny test is given by – VILMORIN

22. Kabuli, chamatkar and udai are chickpea varieties from – HARYANA

23. Quickest method of plant breeding is – MUTATION BREEDING

24. Highest category of soil classification is – ORDER

25. Chemical used for seed hardening for drought tolerance in cotton is – SUCCINIC ACID


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