Agriculture Oneliner PDF Part- 251 for Competitive Exam

1. If n inbreeds were to be tested in all possible single cross combinations, there would be ______ single crosses : n2/2

2. Required water to be raised or lifted from its source to the field is called:

3. If the Marginal Product is more than Marginal Cost, than further investment in production is: PROFITABLE

4. If the soil contains 280 to 500 kg nitrogen per hectare than it is called ______ in available nitrogen: MEDIUM

5. If the soils contain 110 to 280 kg K2O/ha then soils are said ______ in this regard : MEDIUM

6. If the Substitution Ratio is less than the Price Ratio, then the cost: INCREASES

7. Immobilization of sulphur takes place when the ‘S’ content of orgnaic matter is less than: 0.15%

8. Importance of fruits and vegetables in human diet is primarily because they are:

9. In AB blood group of human being, the genes A and B show:

10. In an apomictic plant: HETROSIS IS FIXED

11. In C3 plants the CO2 compensation point is usually ______ than it is in C4 plants: MORE

12. In C4 plants the initial acceptor of CO2 is: PHOSPHOENOL PYRUVIC ACID

13. In cows the first organ of the foetus that appears out of the reproductive tract of the mother under normal parturition is: FORE LIMB

14. In cucurbitaceous crops most serious pest at flowering and fruiting stage is: FRUIT FLY

15. In dry lands which cropping system is becoming popular: SEQUENTIAL

16. In factor-factor relationship level of output is: GIVEN

17. In gastrointestinal tract of poultry gastric guice is secreted in: PROVENTRICULUS

18. In honeybees, hind legs are modified into: FORAGIAL

19. Which is non-acid farming fertilizer : CALCIUM AMMONIUM NITRATE

20. In lactating cows if there is a case of milk fever it can be treated by injecting : CALCIUM BOROGLCONATE

21. In Munsell notation 10 YR 6/4-10 YR is: HUE

22. In non-pregnant cows’ heat cycle (estrous cycle) is repeated every: 21 DAYS

23. In personal contact most effective approach is: FARM AND VISIT

24. In sheep, oestrus cycle is repeat every: 16 DAYS

25. In some plants organic acids accumulate during the night and disappear during the day. Such plants are called : CAM PLANTS


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