Agriculture Oneliner For Competitive Exam – 2

✅Agriculture – Latin word-‘ager’ meaning ‘soil and cultura meaning citation

✅ Agronomy- Greek word-‘agros” meaning field’ and ‘omos’ meaning manage

✅ Horticulture- Latin word “horfus meaning garden and cultura meaning culture or growing

✅ Pomology Latin-Greek word- Combination of Latin word ‘porum meaning “fruit and greek word ‘logy’ or ‘logos’ meaning discourse, or science

✅ Olericulture-Latin word-oleris’ meaning “por herb and english word culture meaning cultivation

✅ Floriculture – Latin word

✅Extension Latin word ‘ex’ meaning out and tension meaning stretching

✅ Soil Science-Latin word-‘catena meaning ‘chain

✅ Soil-Latin word-solum meaning ground

✅Monsoon – Arabic word-‘mausim’ meaning season

✅ Biodynamics Greek word ‘bios’ meaning life and dynamics meaning energy

✅ Truck gardening-French word truck ‘orguer’ meaning “ro barter or exchange

✅ Nematode-Greek word ‘nema meaning thread android meaning form

✅ Pedology-Greek word-pedon meaning soil or carth’.

✅ Market Latin word marcatus’ meaning “place of trade, traffic or merchandise

✅Evolution-Latin word-‘evolutio meaning unrolling or rolling out

✅ Enzyme- Greek word- en meaning and come meaning

✅ Credit- Latin word-credo’ meaning trust you

✅ Society- Latin word-societas’ which was derived from noun ‘socius meaning “comrade, friend ally

✅ Vulgarization – French word-vulgarize’ meaning popularize

✅Central Institute for Agricultural Engineering (CIAE) is located at – Bhopal

✅Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute is located at – Dehradun

✅The top portion of turned furrow slice is – Crown

✅The Gunter chain is 66 ft long and is divided into 100 links each of- 0.66 ft.

✅Under NFSM (National Food Security Mission) for Sprinkler set for pulses and wheat, its cost of – ₹10000/hectare

✅The average force that a bullock can exert is 1/10th of their – Body weight

✅the gas that present in biogas in larger proportion is – Methane

✅Wind erosion is most commonly dominates in the region of – Arid & semi arid

✅The shaft which raises and lowers the inlet and exhaust valves at proper time- Cam shaft

✅Life of tractor is- 10000 hrs or 10 years

✅The total force required to pull an implements is known as – Pull

✅Horizontal component of pull parallel to the line of motion is-  Draft

✅The draft per unit cross section area of furrow is known as – Unit draft

✅Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) is located at – Ludhiana (Punjab) and established in 1976

✅The implement which maintain only row to row distance is – Seed drill

✅Who is the father of plant pathology – Heinrich Anton de Bary

✅Which method used for producing Virus free plant – Meristem culture

✅bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by – Xanthomonas oryzae

✅Loose smut of wheat is – Internally seed borne

✅ Sugarcane rust is caused by – Puccinia eriathi

✅ Tungro disease of rice is spread by – Nephotettix virescens

✅ Red rot of sugarcane is caused by- Collectorichum falcatum

✅Disease also known as “KillerDisease of Wheat” is – Black/ Stem rust

✅White rust of crucifers is caused by – Albugo candida

✅Leaf blight of cotton is caused by- Alternaria macrospora

✅ Phyllody disease of Sesame spread by- Leaf hopper

✅Which is major storage fungi that affects on food grain- Aspergillus

✅Buck eye rot is disease of which crop-Tomato

✅Fungi which can grow only on living host plant are called- Obligate parasite

✅Association of fungi with root of higher plants is known as- Mycorrhiza.

✅Which is primary source of infection green ear disease of Bajra- Soil and seed

✅Which rice disease responsible for Bengal famine in 1943- Brown leaf spot

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