Agro Forestry MCQ For Competitive Exam

Agro Forestry

1. The habitat of deodar is

(a) Evergreen forest

(b) Moist deciduous forest

(c) Dry deciduous forest

(d) Dry evergreen forest

2. The Latin name for black buck is

(a) Antilope cervicapra

(b) Moschiola meminna

(c) Rusa unicolor

(d) Axis axis

3. Tick the odd man out: Growth stages of tree

(a) Pole

(b) Seedling stage

(c) Young timber

(d) Sapling stage

4. Choose the best tree species for coastal afforestation

(a) Albizia lebbeck

(b) Azadirachta indica

(c) Casuarina equisetifolia

(d) Eucalyptus tereticornis

5. Wildlife protection act was enacted during

(a) 1975

(b) 1980

(c) 1972

(d) 1995

6. Identify the hardwood timber species

(a) Sal

(b) Conifer

(c) Poplar

(d) Semal

7. The type of cells present in soft wood is

(a) Tracheids

(b) Vessels

(c) Fibre

(d) None of the above

8. Pick the tree species belonging to the family Myrtaceae

(a) Pinus

(b) Eucalyptus

(c) Lagerstroemia

(d) Terminalia

9. CVP index refers to

(a) Crop volume per cent index

(b) Cumulative volume per cent index

(c) Climate vegetation and productivity index

(d) Climate volume productivity index

10. The term provenance means

(a) Land race

(b) Geographical source

(c) Seed source

(d) None of the above

11. The concept of progressive yield was attributable to

(a) Hartig

(b) Heck

(c) Von Montel

(d) Metzer

12. The project tiger was launched in the year

(a) 1972

(b) 1995

(c) 1973

(d) 1980

13. A plant which tend to be restricted to calcarious soil is

(a) Calciphile

(b) Calcifuge

(c) Calcigard

(d) None

14. Corbett National Park is located in

(a) Madhya Pradesh

(b) Uttranchal

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Himachal Pradesh

15. Social forestry is a forestry which aims at producing flow of protection and recreation benefits for the community. This definition was give by

(a) Westoby

(b) Brandis

(c) Sunderlal Bahuguna

(d) SIDA

16. Tropical dry evergreen forests are found in

(a) Carnatic coast

(b) Andaman and Nicobar island

(c) Coastal areas of Kerala

(d) North east India

17. Shelterbelts have (pick the wrong statement)

(a) Single tree species

(b) Multiple tree species

(c) Used to arrest wind

(d) Prevent sand dune formation

18. Development of embryo without fertilization is termed as

(a) Haploid

(b) Apomixis

(c) Anthesis

(d) Heterosis

19. CAI/MAI relationship (pick the odd out)

(a) CAI is greater than MAI, the MAI is raising

(b) To begin MAI keeps below CAI

(c) CAI attains its maximum before MAI

(d) MAI is fully under CAI

20. Species suitable for timber purposes (pick the odd man out)

(a) Pterocarpus santalinus

(b) Tectona grandis

(c) Dalbergia sissoo

(d) Ailanthus excelsa

21. Basic set of elements or components of Agroforestry are

(a) Man, soil, plant

(b) Tree, soil, animals

(c) Forest, food, fodder

(d) Tree, herbs, animals

22. India’s First Forest Policy was enunciated during

(a) 1894

(b) 1927

(c) 1952

(d) 1988

23. Shelterwood system: Pick the odd man out

(a) Uniform

(b) Selection

(c) Strip

(d) Group

24. An example for ring porous wood is

(a) Dipterocarpus

(b) Gmelina

(c) Hardwickia

(d) Quercus

25. Pick out the macro nutrient

(a) Magnesium

(b) Manganese

(c) Zinc

(d) Copper

26. Ecotype refers to

(a) Variation in the phenotypic characters

(b) Phenotypic variation of different species

(c) Differential response of different species to environmental factors

(d) Differential response of the same species to environmental factors

27. Which is not a characteristic of gregarious flowering in Bamboo

(a) Flowering occurs almost over the entire area

(b) It involves only few proportion of the culms

(c) Flowering is followed by the death of clump

(d) It follows a cycle which occur after long interval

28. Cutter to raker ratio followed for saws is

(a) 2 : 2

(b) 2 : 1

(c) 20 : 1

(d) 3 : 1

29. The vector for spike disease in sandal is

(a) Jassid

(b) Psyllid

(c) Green plant hopper

(d) White fly

30. The floating national park is situated in the state of

(a) Kerala

(b) Assam

(c) Manipur

(d) Tamil Nadu

31. Pick out the tree which yields soft fibre

(a) Sterculia villosa

(b) Albizia lebbeck

(c) Azadirachta indica

(d) Acacia nilotica

32. Water in the soil is one of the following forms (pick out the odd man out)

(a) Capillary water

(b) Gravitative free water

(c) Gravitational water

(d) Water in the form of dew

33. Silvi – agriculture refers to

(a) Growing tree on farmlands

(b) Growing trees along with agricultural crops

(c) Growing trees along with grasses

(d) None of the above

34. Social forestry aids were received from (pick the odd man out)

(a) SIDA

(b) CIDA

(c) USAID 


35. First Indian Forest Act was drafted in the year

(a) 1865

(b) 1848

(c) 1894

(d) 1927

36. Which of the following is correctly matched

(a) Clinometer – density

(b) Altimeter – atmospheric pressure

(c) Hypsometer – height

(d) Relaskop – light intensity

37. Joint forest management concept was first implemented at

(a) Jabalpur

(b) Ayyalur

(c) Arabari

(d) Jhansi

38. Silvicultural system prevalent during early part of 20th century was

(a) Shelterwood system

(b) Clear felling system

(c) Selection system

(d) Coppice system

39. Tree planted in silvi-agriculture should be oriented in the

(a) East west direction

(b) North west direction

(c) South west direction

(d) North east direction

40. Root rot in sal is caused by

(a) Pseudomonas

(b) Polyporus

(c) Ganoderma

(d) Pythium

41. Alidade is used in

(a) Vegetation survey

(b) Animal survey

(c) Place table survey

(d) None

42. The Latin name for lion tailed macaque is

(a) Macaca silenus

(b) Macaca arctoides

(c) Macaca nemestrina

(d) Macaca assamensis

43. The smallest permanent working plan unit in india is

(a) Coupe

(b) Felling series

(c) Compartment

(d) Circle

44. Which of the following is not correctly matched

(a) Michelia – Magnoliaceae

(b) Shorea – Dipterocarpaceae

(c) Aegle – Rutaceae

(d) Calophyllum – Tiliaceae

45. High forest refers to

(a) Forests regenerated through cutting

(b) Forests regenerated through seeds

(c) Forests regenerated through coppice

(d) Forests regenerated through tissue culture plants

46. Pure forest are those which cover

(a) 40% of the crop consist of a single species

(b) 50% of the crop consist of a single species

(c) 60% of the crop consist of a single species

(d) 80% of the crop consist of a single species

47. The instrument used to determine the age of a tree

(a) Abney’s level

(b) Pressler’s borer

(c) Relascope

(d) Altimeter

48. An example for DNA cloning vector is

(a) Operon

(b) Plasmid

(c) Histone

(d) Nucleosome

49. Champion and Seth classified the Indian Forests into major

(a) Six groups

(b) Sixteen groups

(c) Sixty groups

(d) None

50. Which of the following law is used to estimate the proportionate distribution of trees in selection forests ?

(a) Mayers law

(b) Faustman law

(c) De Lioncourt law

(d) None

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