Agro Forestry MCQ For Competitive Exam – 2

Agroforestry mcq

1. Quantitative traits exhibit continuous variation as they are controlled by

(a) Single gene

(b) Oligogenes

(c) Polygenes

(d) Special genes

2. In South India teak was worked under

(a) Selection system

(b) Clear felling system

(c) Shelter wood compartment system

(d) Coppice system

3. The rotation followed for sandal wood in South India is

(a) Physical rotation

(b) Technical rotation

(c) Financial rotation

(d) Silvicultural rotation

4. Oleo resins are obtained from

(a) Pinus roxburghii

(b) Garcinia Morella

(c) Vateria indica

(d) Canarium strictum

5. Cutch is obtained from

(a) Acacia nilotica

(b) Acacia catechu

(c) Pterocarpus marsupium

(d) Acacia concinna

6. Hyblaea puera is a defoliator on

(a) Teak

(b) Deodar

(c) Sal

(d) Toon

7. Corticium salmonicolor is a disease which attacks

(a) Casuarina

(b) Acacia

(c) Eucalyptus

(d) Tamarind

8.Rate of photosynthesis increases with increase in temperature up to

(a) 20 oC

(b) 50 oC

(c) 30 oC

(d) 40 oC

9. Intensity of light on the southern aspects compare to northern aspects will be

(a) Equal

(b) Higher

(c) Lower

(d) None

10. The smallest functional territorial unit in forest management is

(a) Circle

(b) Division

(c) Section

(d) Beat

11. Tetrazolium test for testing viability of seeds is attributable to

(a) Clement

(b) Lakon

(c) Bonner

(d) Skoog

12. The seed orchard established using grafted plant is called

(a) Clonal seed orchard

(b) Seedling seed orchard

(c) Extensive seedling seed orchard

(d) None of the above

13. Tick the odd man out

(a) Knot

(b) Warp

(c) Case hardening

(d) Honey combing

14. The growth regulators used for rooting in vegetative propagation are collectively called as

(a) Vitamins

(b) Cytokinins

(c) Gibberllins

(d) Auxins

15. Wildlife protection act of 1972 was amended during the year

(a) 1988

(b) 1990

(c) 1991

(d) 1980

16. The exotic tree which has natural hybrids in India is

(a) Casuarina

(b) Eucalyptus

(c) Silver oak

(d) Acacia

17. Working plans are written for a period of

(a) 5 years

(b) 10 years

(c) 15 years

(d) 20 years

18. German thinning is otherwise called as

(a) Ordinary thinning

(b) French thinning

(c) Advance thinning

(d) Elite thinning

19. The most important physical property of wood is its

(a) Moisture content

(b) Porosity

(c) Specific gravity

(d) Density

20. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is situated in the state of

(a) Rajasthan

(b) Odisha

(c) Assam

(d) Uttar Pradesh

21. A plus tree whose genetic worth has been established is called

(a) Candidate tree

(b) Comparison tree

(c) Elite tree

(d) Superior tree

22. The oldest known agroforestry systems is

(a) Shifting cultivation

(b) Alley cropping

(c) Taungya

(d) Home gardens

23. The tree that serves as raw material for the manufacture of pencil is

(a) Adina

(b) Juniperus

(c) Terminalia

(d) Mesua

24. An example for wood oil is

(a) Cedrus deodara

(b) Calophyllum inophyllum

(c) Eucalyptus globulus

(d) Lannea coromandelica

25. In clonal forestry the trees are propagated

(a) Through seeds

(b) Through vegetative means

(c) By seed and cutting

(d) None of the above

26. Forest Conservation act was enacted during

(a) 1880

(b) 1980

(c) 1988

(d) 1998

27. Ponking call is attributable to

(a) Sambar

(b) Chittal

(c) Wolf

(d) Tiger

28. “The Journal of Agroforestry Today” is published from

(a) India

(b) Kenya

(c) UK

(d) Mexico

29. Horizontal point sampling is attributable to

(a) Chathurvedi

(b) Hiratta

(c) Metzger

(d) Bitterlich

30. Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute is located at

(a) Dehradun

(b) Jodhpur

(c) Jabalpur

(d) Jhansi

31. The ratio of height and spacing in a shelterbelt is

(a) 1 : 10

(b) 1 : 20

(c) 1 : 30

(d) 1 : 40

32. A unit of landscape that contains all the drainage areas and channels contributing to a single stream / river system

(a) Watershed

(b) Dam

(c) Seashore

(d) River beds

33. French thinning is otherwise called as

(a) Ordinary thinning

(b) Crown thinning

(c) Low thinning

(d) Free thinning

34. Maximum thinning was developed by

(a) Clement

(b) Heck

(c) Gehrhardt

(d) Brandis

35. Indian butter tree is

(a) Calophyllum inophyllum

(b) Madhuca longifolia

(c) Mimusops elengi

(d) Pongamia pinnata

36. Epicormic branches originate from

(a) Adventitious buds

(b) Auxiliary buds

(c) Meristematic regions

(d) Internodal buds

37. ‘Chilgoza’ is obtained from

(a) Pinus roxburghii

(b) Pinus kesiya

(c) Pinus gerardiana

(d) Pinus elliottii

38. The leader of the ‘Chipko’ movement is

(a) Westoby

(b) Sunderlal Bahuguna

(c) M.S.Swaminathan

(d) Tewari

39. In Wildlife Protection act 1972, Nilgiri Tahr comes under

(a) Schedule I Part II

(b) Schedule I Part I

(c) Schedule II Part II

(d) Schedule III

40. World Forest Day is celebrated on

(a) 15th June

(b) 1st July

(c) 1st October

(d) 21st March

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