Agroforestry One Liner For Agri exam

Agroforestry One Liner

Agroforestry One Liner


Quest.A system where agriculture and forestry are practised either simultaneously or separately on the same unit of land


Quest.Agroforestry is a form of

Ans.Multiple cropping

Quest.The area under forest land in India

Ans.67 mha (20.36%)

Quest.Optimum area under forest required

Ans.33%of total geographical area

Quest.Contribution of forest product in world GDP

Ans.1 % (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Indian Forest Act was come in existence


Quest.Forest Conservation Act was made in


Quest.Forest school is established at


Quest.The Van Mahotsav Day in India is observed on

Ans.1 July

Quest.State having highest forest area in India

Ans.M.P. (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Forest type found maximum in India

Ans.Tropical dry deciduous forest

Quest.National Research Centre for Agroforestry is situated at

Ans.Jhansi (1988)

Quest.International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF) is situated at

Ans.Nairobi, Kenya

Quest.The most important Agroforestry practice is

Ans.Acacia leucophloea + Cenchrus setigerus

Quest.The oldest known agroforestry practice

Ans.Shifting cultivation (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Cultivation of Trees + Crops is known as


Quest.Perennial hedges + crops

Ans.Alley cropping

Quest.Fruit trees + crops


Quest.Trees + fruit trees + crops


Quest.Trees + crops + pasture/animals

Ans.Agri-silviculture (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Trees+ pasture/animals


Quest.Fruit trees + honeybees


Quest.Trees + fishes


Quest.Forage trees + pasture

Ans.Forage forestry

Quest.Trees + crops during initial years

Ans.Energy plantation (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Multiple combination of trees, fruit trees, vegetables atc.


Quest.Trees is on boundary + crops

Ans.Boundary plantation

Quest.Taungya system means

Ans.Hill cultivation

Quest.Most common example of taungya system

Ans.Planting of Teak in Myanmar

Quest.Nitrogen fixing tree

Ans.Leucaena leucocephala (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Non leguminous nitrogen fixing trees

Ans.Alnus nepalensis

Quest.Bio-drainage plant

Ans.Eucalyptus tereticornis

Quest.Most suitable woodlot trees in India

Ans.Casuarina and Leucaena

Quest.Fodder producing tree

Ans.Prosopis cineraria

Quest.Fuel wood tree

Ans.Albizia lebbeck (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Green manuring tree

Ans.Thespesia populnea

Quest.Shifting cultivation causes


Quest.Miracle forest tree (as it provides fodder, fuel, pulpwood and timber)


Quest.Fast growing forest tree species

Ans.Eucalyptus sp.

Quest.Multipurpose tree species

Ans.Albizia lebbeck (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.The most appropriate and effective type of crop cultivation in forests


Quest.Ratanjot and Karanj are

Ans.Biofuel plants

Quest.Oil percentage in Ratanjot (Jatropha sp.)

Ans.35%(from seed)

Quest.Spacing maintained between hedge row intercropping in alley cropping

Ans.4-8 meter

Quest.Tree species suitable for alley cropping

Ans.Cassia siamea, Leucaena and Sesbania (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Forestry outside the conventional forests which primarily aim at providing continuous flow of goods and services for the benefit of people

Ans.Social forestry

Quest.A forest system which promote commercial tree growing by farmers on their own land

Ans.Farm Forestry

Quest.Pollarding is done at

Ans.2 m height from ground

Quest.A belt of trees and or shrubs maintained for the purpose of shelter from wind, sun, snow drift, etc.


Quest.A protective plantation in a certain area, against strong winds. It is usually comprised of a few rows of trees (or shrubs)

Ans.Wind breaks (Agroforestry One Liner)

Quest.Raising of forests of public or community land

Ans.Community forestry

Quest.The ratio of height, width and length in shelterbelt system

Ans.1:25:10 meter

Quest.A process in which the branch of a plant is cut off in order to produce a flush of new shoots


Quest.The main stem of a tree is called


Quest.Full form of ICARF

Ans.International Centre for Research in Agroforestry

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