Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 5

1. Tendency to grow the plants towards light – Phototropism

2. Photosynthetic pigment in plants – Chlorophyll

3. White ear in rice is due to – Stem borer

4. Fungicide most effective against smut – Vitavax

5. Example for universal pest is – Desert locust

6. Ufra diseases in rice caused by – Dithylenchus

7. Density of water is maximum at – 4℃

8. Short day plant – Sugarcane

9. Introduction of national food security Act – Pranab Mukherjee

10. Government present kisan credit card scheme – August 1998

11. Required plant population of jowar may be obtained by using a seed rate of (kg/ha)- Pea

12. Fertilization application in maize should be completed – before Tasseling

13. The fat content in bajra is around– 5%

14. HB-1 hybrid of bajra released in 1965 evolved from a cross– Tift-23-A x BIL-3B

15. Seed rate for transplanting of bajra is – 2 kg

16. The optimum seed rate for normal sown crop of lentil is (kg/ha) – 30-40

17. Arkel, Early Badger, Bonneville and Early December are the improved varieties of– Pea

18. Which one of the following varieties of pigeon pea is an extra early maturing – 

19. When mung beans are allowed to sprout, which vitamin is synthesized – Vit. B

20. . Which one of the following pulse crops is used as a pulse, a fodder and a green manure crop – Cowpea

21. Pusa Phalguni, Pusa Barsati, Pusa Rituraj and Pusa Dofasli are the improved varieties of – Cowpea

22. Soybean is introduced in India from USA in– 1960

23. Optimum seed rate of soybean is (kg/ha) – 70 – 80

24. The chromosome number of Sesantum indicunt (Sesamum) is– 26

25. The per cent protein in linseed is–36


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