Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

1. Hyrbid rice for commercial production was first evolved in : CHINA

2. If the rate of application per hectare is 3.00 kg a.i., the quantity of simazine WP (801’l'(J a.i.) required to be sprayed in 0.20hectare area would be : 0.75 kg

3. Organic form of sulphur : CYSTEINE

4. Which form of nitrogen is available in urea : AMIDE

5. Application of potash increases : DISEASE RESISTANCE UN PLANTS

6. Which of these herbicides is used to control weeds in zero tillage : PARAQAUT

7. The crown roots in wheat appear : BELOW SOIL SURFACE BUT ABOVE SEED

8. Which vegetable oil is good for heart patient : SUNFLOWER OIL

9. UPAS 120 is a variety of : PEGION PEA

10. which plants- nutrient elements reaches roots by the process of diffusion : PHOSPHOROUS

11. The roots of which crop plant release allelopathic chemicals into the soil that inhibit the germination of succeeding crop : SUNFLOWER

12. Plant food manufactured by the process of photosynthesis in the presence of a nutrient in chlorophyll is : MG

13. During germination radical and plumule develop from : EMBRYO

14. Composite and synthetic cultivars are used : MAIZE

15. Which cation has low adsorption capacity on clay : Na

16. PDM 11 is a variety of : MOONG

17. All the grain legumes have a high photo respiration because of C3 : MECHANISM

18. Soil structure is improved by application of : SUPER PHOSPHATE

19. Organic carbon is a measure of : AVALIABLE N IN SOIL

20. Hydraulic conductivity of soil is very low in case of : ALKALI SOILS

21. Approximate weight of surface 15 cm soil of one hectare field is : 2.24 x 106 kg

22. Seed work board is ‘required for : BLENDING OF SEED

23. Repetitive growing of same sole crop on the same field is known as : MONO CROPPING

24. Double symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria : SESBANIA ROSTRATA

25. Zero Hllage system was first used successfully in 1950 in pasture renovation in : USA



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