Agronomy Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 6

1. The most cultivated crop in India among cereals – WHEAT

2. Protein % in wheat – 10-12%

3. Wheat is also known as – KING OF CEREALES

4. Indian Institute of wheat and barley is situated in – KARNAL, HARYANA

5. Production of wheat is __________million tonnes in India  – 85

6. Highest productivity of wheat is in________ state of India – PUNJAB

7. Ideal fertilizer dose for wheat is – 120:60:40

8. Mention the Rabi season pulse – CHICK PEA

9. Origin of wheat – SOUTH WEST ASIA

10. Family of wheat – GRAMMINEAE

11. Scientific name of wheat – TRITICUM-AESTIVUM

12. Which one of the sequences is correct in the context of three largest wheat producing states in India – UTTAR-PRADESH, PUNJAB, HARNYANA

13. If a farmer practices “sugarcane -wheat” the cropping intensity at his farm will be – 200%

14. Seminal roots of wheat are – TEMPORARY ROOTS

15. Marconi wheat is known as – TRITICUM-DURUM

16. Most critical stage for irrigation in wheat crop is – C.R.I. STAGE

17. Gene responsible for dwarfness in wheat – NORINE 10

18. Flowering portion of wheat is called – EAR/HEAD

19. Central zigzag axis of wheat grain is called – RACHIS

20. Fruit type of wheat grain is – CARYOPASIS

21. Energy rich drinks from barley malt are – BOURNVITA, BOOST, HORLICKS

22. Moisture requirement for storage barley – 10-12%

23. Average yield of barley is – 3-3.5 t / ha

24. Centre of origin of Barley is – ASIA & ETHIOPIA

25. The inflorescence of barley is called – SPIKE


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