All about Saline Soils (Alkali Soils) for Competitive Exam


  • High levels of soluble salts that are hazardous are present in the rootzone.
  • Salts of Na, Ca, and Mg that are soluble are Cl- and SO42-.
  • At 25°C, the soil solution saturated extract has an electrical conductivity (EC) of more than 4.0 dS/m, an ESP of around 15%, and a pH of about 8.5.

Formation of Saline Soil

  • prevalent in semi-arid and desert locations with annual rainfall of less than 55 cm.
  • In salty soils, a lot of salt is accumulated on the surface, and during the dry season, the salty soil layer glows white.

Favorable Conditions

  1. High water table with a fairly high salt concentration
  2. High temperature
  3. Low rainfall

Sources of Salts

  • Soil, ground water, irrigation water, canal and sea.


  • In the rootzone, eliminate surplus salt to the appropriate amount.
  • Use high-quality water to leach.
  • Provide sufficient drainage.
  • Water ponding on and off.
  • Crops that can withstand salt are cultivated first.

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