Animal Husbandry & Dairy Science Oneliner For Competitive Exam

1. What is the mean of ration? It is allowance feed given to animal for a period of 24 hours. ✅

2. Roughages are the feed stuff which contains more than _of crude fiber and less than ___ of TDN.? 18% , 60%✅

3. What should be the maximum concentration of crude fiber in poultry ration? 6 to 8%✅

4. What should be the temperature of water present in an artificial vagina while collecting the semen? 45°C✅

5. Dairy cow with “Very Good” grade scores __ points in judging score card ? 85-90✅

6. Colostrum is given to:? New born calves only✅

7. Berseem contains __ of crude protein? 17-19%

8. Back crossing means? Mating of crossbred female to one of its pure breed parent✅

9. Onion is which kind of crop? Long day plant✅

10. Scab or wart like lesions on featherless part of body such as comb and wattles is symptom of which of the following disease? Fowl pox✅

11. Nutrients which are required by plants in small quantity are referred as? Micro nutrients✅

12. 2 kg bran plus 1kg jaggary or molasses moistened with lukewarm water is given to? Freshly calved cow or buffalo✅

13. Milk secreting hormone oxytocin is secreted from? Posterior pituitary gland✅

14. Milk produced by which of the following method is more hygienic? Machine milking✅

15. Which is the oldest method for poultry keeping? Free Range system✅

16. Which is the best crop for hay making? Green oat✅

17. Which acid is used in the Gerber fat testing method? Sulphuric acid✅

18. Which part of ruminant stomach contains 100 folds from inside called as laminae? Omasum✅

19. Which of the following is not a productive roughage? Green maize✅

20. Which is not the part of male reproductive system? Fallopian tubes✅

21. Which is a deep rooted crop? Tomato✅

22. A dry matter intake/100 kg body weight is recommended for breeding bull. 2 kg✅

23. Which is an external parasite of poultry bird? Mites✅

24. Piroplasmosis is also known as? Babesiosis✅

25. Wheat is a __season crop? Rabi✅

26. On an average every cow or buffalo produces how much kg dungs.? 10-20kg✅

27. Which crop belongs to the legume family? Gram✅

28. Which is also known as wind pipe of animal respiratory system? Trachea✅

29. In silage preparation after sealing, what happens to nitrate-N? Decreases✅

30. Leafy vegetables are mainly grown during .? Winter season✅

31. How much space is required for egg poultry is? 1.5sq.ft✅

32. Starter feed contains maximum of? Protein✅

33. Most dangerous disease of chicken is? Ranikhet✅

34. Which disease spread through virus in cattle is? Foot and Mouth disease✅

35. Anthrax is caused by? Bacteria✅

36. Severe bloat is removed by tools? Trocar cannula✅

37. Which is the best method of milking? Full hand method✅

38. What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is? >100✅

39. Which harmon helps in let down of milk? Oxytocin✅

40. Milk sugar is also known by the name of ? Lactose✅

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