Animal Husbandry Important MCQ For Competitive Exam

Animal Husbandry MCQ

1. Punched ulcers in abomasums of cattle are characteristic of :

a. Theilaria annulata

b. Babesia bigemina

c. Haemonchus contortus

d. Ostertagia ostertagi

2. Typical sign of ripened abscess is

a. Swelling

b. Pain

c. Fluctuation

d. Pointing

3. Operation flood I was launched during

(a) 1960

(b) 1970

(c) 1980

(b) 1982.

4. When world environmental day celebrated…..

a) 15th June

b) 5th July

c) 15th July

d) 5th June

5. Right side displacement of abomasums is usually caused after

a) Immediately postpartum

b) 2-4 weeks postpartum

c) During gestation

d) 9-12 months postpartum

6. The term that refers to the percentage of packed erythrocytes per unit volume of blood is the:

a. Differential Count

b. Hemoglobin

c. Hematocrit

d. Hemopoiesis

7. Which of the following enzymes are present in the acrosome of the bovine sperm?

a. Trypsin

b. Adenylate cyclase

c. Phospholipase C (PLC)

d. Acrosin

8. Which of the following is the smallest compartment of the ruminant stomach?

a. Rumen

b. Reticulum

c. Omasum

d. Abomasum

9. Blood is added in blood medium agar at following concentration:

a) 5-10 %

b) 15 %

c) 20 %

d) 2 %

10. The 5 carbon sugar compound present in DNA molecule is:

a. Erythrose

b. Deoxyribose

c. Ribose

d. Ribulose

11. Study of birds which are not classed as poultry is known as

a. Poultry Science

b. Ornithology

c. Bird Science

d. Poultry Production

12. Inhibition of aggregation of platelets

a) Aspirine

b) Urokinase

c) Thromboxane A2

d) Streptokinase

13. Gajrai grass is the fodder grass belong to group

a. Seasonal

b. Annual

c. Perennial

d. None

14. Which of the following will be the number of chromosomes in the sperm of a Sahiwal bull?

a) 30

b) 60

c) 50

d) 25

15. Skim milk powder is a byproduct of

a) Industrial

b) Grain

c) Cereal

d) Roughage

16. East coast fever in cattle is caused by :

(a) Theileria

(b) Trypanosoma

(c) Babesia

(d) None

17. Wound does not heal is known as

a. Maggot wound

b. Ulcer

c. Infected wound

d. Contaminated wound

18. 73rd amendment act 1992 was introduced to strengthen

a. Dairy development

b. Community development

c. Panchayat development

d. Co-operative development

19. CFC’s are responsible for depletion of…..

a) Ozone

b) Oxygen

c) Carbon

d) Nitrogen

20. Serum calcium and phosphorus concentration in nutritional dystrophies may

a) Increase above normal level

b) decrease above normal level

c) Decrease appreciably

d) remain with-in normal range

21. Which of the following is a circulating blood cell that is capable of differentiating into a plasma cell?

a. Neutrophil

b. Basophil

c. B lymphocyte

d. T lymphocyte

22. After ovulation, which of the following is most important for the rapid movement of the oocyte to the ampular-isthmic junction of the oviduct?

a. Fluid production by the isthmus

b. Cillilary beating in the ampulla

c. Muscle contractions in the ampulla

d. The presence of cumulus cells surrounding the oocyte at ovulation.

23. Which is the hardest substance in the animal body?

a. Bone

b. Cartilage

c. Enamel

d. Dentine

24. Nucleic acid present in virus

a) DNA

b) RNA

c) Either DNA or RNA

d) Both DNA and RNA

25. The synthesis of new DNA strand on template strand takes place in the direction of:

a. 3’-5’

b. 5’-3’

c. In both the directions

d. In 3’-5’ on leading strand and in 5’-3’ direction on lagging strand

26. Study of birds which are classed as poultry is known as

a. Poultry Science

b. Ornithology

c. Bird Science

d. Poultry Production

27. Verapamil blocks transport of

a) Sodium ion

b) Chloride ion

c) Calcium ion

d) Potassium ion

28. Subabul is the grass originated in the country

a. Maxico

b. U. S. A.

c. Brazil

d. India

29. Genotype of purebred Rose comb hen should be

a) RrPp

b) RRPp

c) RRpp

d) rrpp

30. Example of protein is

a) Peptide

b) Amine

c) Amino acid

d) Glutamine

31. Caecal coccidiosis in fowl is due to which of the following :

(a) Eimeria precox

(b) Eimeria mutis

(c) Eimeria tenella

(d) Eimeria brunetti

32. The main cause of death in case of burn during latter stage is

a. Hypovolemia

b. Blood loss

c. Asphyxia

d. Secondary infection

33. Ranching is common practice in

(A) India

(B) Australia

(C) Japan


34. Humidity is measured by…..

a) Luxmeter

b) Dry bulb thermometer

c) Wet bulb thermometer

d) Chlorinometer

35. Increase survival rate of S. pullorum infected chick embryo is achieved by drug

a) Chloramphenicol

b) Furazolidon

c) Oxytetracycline

d) Colistin

36. The component of plasma responsible for maintaining the osmotic pressure of blood is:

a. Plasmin

b. Albumin

c. Fibrinogen

d. Gamma globulin

37. Following artificial insemination in the cow, increased retrograde flow will occur if semen is placed in which of the following locations?

a. Cervix

b. Uterine body

c. Uterine horn, at the greater curvature (half way up the uterine horn)

d. At the distal tip of the uterine horn

38. Which is the largest foramen in the skull?

a. Foramen magnum

b. Supraorbital foramen

c. Infra orbital foramen

d. Mantel foramen

39. Short hair like projections for attachment and genetic transfer in bacteria are:

a) Flagella

b) Fimbria

c) Plasmid

d) All

40. The autonomously replicating extra-chromosomal double stranded DNA molecule present in bacteria is called:

a. Plasmid

b. Episome

c. Phage

d. Transposon

41. Modern chicken are descendents of the which following wild species

a. Gallus soneratti

b. Gallus lafeyetti

c. Gallus varius

d. Gallus gallus

42. The most appropriate anticoagulant used for collection of blood for blood glucose estimation

a) Sodium EDTA

b) Sodium fluoride

c) Heparin

d) Sodium oxalate

43. Swath curing is the method apply to

a. Cutting the crop

b. Hay making

c. Silage making

d. Straw making

44. The strength of selection is expressed as

(a) Coefficient of selection

(b) Response to selection

(c) Selection differential

(d) None

45. Inflammation of lymph node is called as

(A) Lymphangitis

(B) Lymphadenitis

(C) Typhilitis

(D) Both (A) and (B).

46. Example of NPN is

a) Albumin

b) Amino acid

c) Prolamine

d) Lignin

47. Example of anaerobic protozoa is :

(a) Leishmania

(b) Trichomonas

(c) Trypanosoma

(d) None of the above

48. Last stage of wound healing is

a. Wound contraction

b. Epithelization

c. Fibroplasia

d. Vasodilatation

49. The approach in which people have their say in programmed planning is

(A) Democratic

(B) Authoritative

(C) Directive

(D) Laissez-faire

50. The metal should not be used for storage of rain water is…..

a) Iron

b) Galvanized iron

c) Lead

d) Copper

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