Animal Husbandry MCQ for Competitive exam

Animal Husbandry MCQ

Animal Husbandry

1. Highest body temperature is found in?

A, hen

B, cow

C, buffalo

D, camel


2. Length of estrous cycle in goat?

A, 20

B, 21

C, 18

D, 15

Estrous cycle

Cattle,buffalo,pig-21 days




3. SNF ( Solid not fat) % of cow?

A, 7.5

B, 8.3

C, 9

D, 9.2

4. Which of the following is a polyestrous animal?

A, horse

B, sheep

C, dog

D, cattle

✓Mono estrus- dog

✓Polyestrous- cattle,pig

✓Seasonally polyestrous- horse, sheep ,goat

5. Specific gravity of milk fat is ?

A, 0.85

B, 0.08

C, 0.93

D, 0.76

(Animal Husbandry MCQ)

6. Improved breed Karan fries is a cross between

A, tharparker×Holstein friesian✅

B, holstein friesian× sahiwal

C, brown Swiss× sahiwal

7. Goat meat is known as?

A, venison

B, chevon

C, carabeef

 ✓deer meat- venison

✓buffalo- Cara beef

8. world Vetrinary day

A, april-22

B, april-27

C, feb-07

D, feb-27

9. pulse rate of chicken?

A, 70-80/min

B, 40-80/ min

C, 130-160/min

D, 180-195/min

(Animal Husbandry MCQ)

10. which breed of buffalo is known as ‘ MINI ELEPHANT”?

A, murrah

B, zafrabadi

C, badhawari

D, nili ravi

11. wall eyes present in which breed of buffalo?

A, murrah

B, niliravi✅

C, badhawari

D, zaffrabadi

12. Lola/ multani is other name of?

A, sindhi

B, sahiwal

C, ongole

D, kankrej

13. white Sindhi is other name of ?

A, jersey

B, tharparker✅

C, amritmahal

D, hallikar

14. Merino of Rajasthan

A, pugal

B, chokla

C, chegu

D, beetal

15. best carpet wool is produced from?

A, bikaneri

B, marwari

C, lohi

D, angora

(Animal Husbandry MCQ)

16. which breed is known as “CITY GOAT”

A, Gaddi

B, barberi

C, kashmiri

D, malabari

17. temperature of artificial vagina?(°c)

A, 40

B, 42

C, 47

D, 52

18. protozoan disease of cattle?

A, coccidiosis

B, aflatoxicosis

C, typhoid

D, brooder pneumonia

19. which breed is known as ” MILK QUEEN OF GOATS”?

A, saanen

B, angora

C, alpine

D, landrace

(Animal Husbandry MCQ)

20. which breed is known as ” JERSEY COW”

A, Black bengali

B, jaiselmeri

C, anglo- nubian

D, alpine

21. quality of eggs is checked by?CANDLING

22. for breeding in sheep,a ram can be used after attaining the age of

A, 10 months

B, 18 months

C, 24 months

D, 4 months

23. Protein content in cow colostrum(%)

A, 10

B, 12.8

C, 14.7

D, 16

24. Protein content in buffalo colostrum

A, 20

B, 20.5

C, 21.4

D, 23.6

25. Tallest sheep breed?

A, jamuapari

B, nellore

C, marwari

D, gurez

(Animal Husbandry MCQ)

26. Cattle disease communicated to human?

A, foot and mouth disease

B, anthrax

C,milk fever


27. pH of freshly drawn milk?

A, 6-6.5


C, 5.5-6

D, 7

28. For breeding the no.of ewes per ram?

A, 35

B, 40

C, 42

D, 55

29. Which disease also known as,spleenic fever?

A, anthrax

B, milk fever

C, black quarter

D, haemorrgmhagic septicimea

30. Hatchling of ferlized eggs takes place at

A, 21 days, 35°c

B, 21 days,38°c

C, 23 days,35°c

D, 23 days,38°c

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