Animal Husbandry MCQ For Competitive Exam-102

Animal Husbandry MCQ

(1) First rank in maximum milk products production in world ?(Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. India
C. China
D. Denmark

(2) sterilization temperature of milk…??
A. 60-65 ‘c (15 minute)
B.70-72 ‘c (15 sec)
C. 135-150 ‘c (5 Dec)
D. 93-94’c ( 30 minutes)

(3) CIRB.. Central institute for research on buffaloes located in…?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Hisar haryana
D.. Izatnagar

(4)A growing female calf from 12 months till its first calving is called
A. Mature cow
B. Cow
C. Adult cow
D. Heifer

(5)gestation period of cow is _ (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. 230 ± 10 days
B. 272 ± 10 days
C. 282 ± 10 days
D. 290 ± 10 days

(6)Separating a young calf from its mother from milking/sucking is called
A. Weaning
B. Service period
C. Separation
D. Isolation period

(7) which country highest egg production in the world??
D. Mexico

(8)which country has highest cattle stocks in the world….??
A. India
B. China
C. Brazil

(9)Respiration rate in sheep is __
A. 25 – 40 /min
B. 15 -30 /min
C. 35 – 45 /min
D. 45 – 60 /min

(10)Holstein cattle breed belongs to _(Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Nether land
B. England
C. Australia
D. U.S.A

(11)Floor Space requirement for cows in covered area is
A. 3.5 m2
B. 4 m2
C. 4.5 m2
D. 5 m2

(12)Male ass is called
A. Jackass
B. Burro
C. Bray
D. Jennet

(13)Temporary teeth in horse are….???
A. 30
B. 24
C. 32
D. 22

(14)A goat of 1 – 2 year of age is called ????
A. Kid
B. Yearling
C. Young adult
D Adult

(15)A general term applied to domestic animal is called ..??(Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Livestock
B. Tamede animals
C. Domestic animal
D. none of above

(15)BMRT stands for _???(Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Bulk milk Ring Test
B. Blue milk Ring Test
C. Bone meal Ring Test
D. None of above

(16) Highest cattle meat products in India ????
A. Tamil Nadu 
B. Bihar
C. Kerala
D. Maharashtra

(17) Highest cow milk production in world..,???
A. India
B. China

(18)Rashtriya Gokul Mission (a nationwide scheme) to promote conservation and developments of indigenous breeds of cows in a focused and scientific manner. The Mission is a focused project under National Programme for Bovine Breeding and Dairy Development……launched date??
A.. 12 July 2015
B. 22 July 2015
C. 24 July 2014
D. 28 July 2014

(19) in which state Highest wool production in india ??
A. Jammu & kashmir
B. Karnataka
C. Rajasthan
D. Himachal Pradesh

(20) In ruminants how many compartments of stomach are there …..?? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Two
B. four
C. six
D. three

(21)True stomach in ruminants is ….???
A. Rumen
B. Reticuon
C. Abomasum
D. Omasumn

22)Castrated male of cattle is called ???
A. Bulling
B. Bullock
C. Bull
D. Burdizo

(23)Calf diphtheria is a disease caused by ..??
A. Bacterial
B. Viral
C. Fungal
D. None of above

(24)A male horse under 3 years of age is called ..?
A. Filly
B. Colt
C. Foal
D. Stallion

(25)Dehorning is the removal of …? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Horns
B. Car
C. Teats
D. None of above

(26)Graving means ????
A. Dry
B. Pregnant
C. Abort
D. None of above

(27)In which state highest goat meat production in India….?
A. West Bengal
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Odisha
D. Bimar

(29)fat percentage in khoa???
A. 83%
B. 31%
C. 99%
D. 90

(30) which animal milk in maximum protein percentage….?? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Camel
B. Sheep
C. Goat
D. Buffalo

(31)Average gestation period of goat is _ days???
A. 130- 140 days
B. 148- 156 days
C. 160- 170 days
D. None

(32)The secretion from the mammary gland of cow just before and after the calf is born is called_.??
A. Milk
B. Fresh milk
C. Colustrums
D. Whole milk

(33)Chevon meat is a _?
A. Sheep meat
B. Goat meat
C. Buffalo meat
D. Cow meat

(34)Chromosome in cattle are __???
B. 60
C. 66
D. 62

(35)The Buffalo which is commonly known as Panj Kalyan is …? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Kundi
B. Nili Ravi
C. Exotic
D None of above

(36)Chicken egg contain how much protein_??
A. 16%
B. 12%
C. 15%
D. 14%

(37) All Vitamins are present in eggs except????
A. Vit. A
B. Vit. B
C .Vit. C
D . Vit. D

(38)Rani khet is also called ?????
A. New castle disease
B. Infectious Bronchitis
C. Avian Influenza
D. Infectious disease

(39) country which highest buffalo milk producing in the world????
A. China
B. Brazil
C. India

(40)One day old female chick is called _??? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Chick
B. Pullet
C. Cockerel
D. Hen

(41)One-day old male chick is called _???
A. Chick
B. Pullet
C. Cockerel
D. Hen

(42)Broiler is obtained by the cross of _???
A. White Cornish x White Plymouth Rock
B. White Cornish x Rhode Island Red
C. Rhode Island Red x White leg horn
D. White Plymouth Rock x New Hampshire

(43)IN layer growing period is form __???
A. 10 – 20 wks
B. 8 – 20 wks
C. 10 – 15 wks
D. 15 – 20 wks

(43)In chicken true stomach is _???
A. Gizzard
B. Proventriculus
C. Crop
D. Duodenum

(44)Incubation Period of chick is _???
A.22 days
B. 23 days
C. 21 days
D. 20 days

(45)Lethal body temperature in chicken is ???? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. 75°C
B. 42°C
C. 40°C
D. 45°C

(46)Floor space for broiler up to 4 weeks ????
A. 0.5 ft2
B. 1 ft2
C. 1.5 ft2
D. 2.5 ft2

(47)Floor space for broiler up to 6 weeks __
A. 0.5 ft2
B. 1 ft2
C. 1.25 ft2
D. 1.5 ft2

(48)BOS-Taurus is __??
A. BOS-Taurus
B. BOS-Indices
C. BOS-bubal is
D. none of the above

(49) highest fat percentage present in????
A. Goat
B. Buffalo
D. Cow

(50)Anthrax is a _??? (Animal Husbandry MCQ)
A. Bacterial disease
B. Viral disease
C. Fungal disease
D. None of above

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