Animal Husbandry Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 3

Animal Husbandry Oneliner

1.Ovum produce – FERTILIZIN

2.Blue revolution is related to – FISHERIES

3.India’s rank in livestock population – 1st

4. Surathi buffalo breed is a native of – GUJARAT

5.Maximum fat (%) in milk of – BHADAWARI

6.Highest milk yielder is– MURRAH

7. FMD is caused – VIRUS

8.Dual purpose breed of cow is -THARPARKAR

9.Yellow colour of cow presence of – CAROTENE

10. Milk sugar is – LACTOSE

11. Rathi is a common breed in – RAJASTHAN

12. First clone Dolly was made in of – SHEEP

13.Lactose in milk exists in the form of – SOLUTION

14. Fat in separated milk is not more than -0.1

15. Total egg production in India is – 66 MILLION

16.The solid not fat (SNF) content of toned milk is – 8.5%

17. Gerber method is used for testing – FAT

18. A good quality dahi should have acidity less than– 0.8%

19.Buffalo milk is rich source of – CALSIUM AND PHOSPHORUS

20. Polenske value of milk fat is due to – WATER INSOLUBLE FATTY ACID

21. Lactose is a disaccharide made of- GALACTOSE AND GLUCOSE

22. Average pH of normal milk is – 6.6

23. Most variable of all constituent present in milk is – FAT

24. Humpless cattle belong to group- BAS INDICUS

25. Nasal septum in bull calves be punctured for pulling a rope or nose ring at the age- 12 MONTHS


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