Animal Husbandry Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

1. Incubation period (days) in chicken (Gallus gallus) is : 21

2. Minorca breed of fowl includes in class : MEDITERRANEAN

3. Barbari breed of goat is a native of : EAST AFRICA

4. Length of dry period in well fed cows should be days : 40-80

5. Fat soluble vitamins includes : A, D, E, & K

6. Out of total body calcium, bone and teeth have : 99%

7. Initiation of milk secretion is known as : LACTOGENESIS

8. The condition of persistent hymen is known as : WHITE HEIFER DESEASES

9. When a female calf is born as a twin to a male calf, a sterile female known as a : RIGS

10. refers to the undescended condition of the testes into the scrotal sac : CRYPTORCHIDISM

11. Ovulation may be defined as the discharge of the egg from : GRAAFIAN FOLLICLE

12. Toda is a breed of : BUFFALO

13. Average period of lactation in buffalo: 281

14. Maximum producer of wool : RAJASTHAN

15. Morocco leather produced from skin of : GOAT

16. Cow milk’s protein is called : CASEIN

17. Thick horns, broad dished forehead and short face are present in : KANKREJ

18. Estrogen, progestron and relaxin hormones are secreted from : OVERY

19. Rinderpest is caused by : VIRUS

20. The major advantage of weaning in cows : TO GET CLEAN MILK

21. Heat in camel is known as : MUSTH

22. Milk share consumed for whole milk purpose is : 1/3

23. The fat content of double toned milk is : 1.5%

24. Shortest period of estrous cycle is : ESTRUS

25. Best pH for semen preservation : 6. 8


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