Aquaculture Scenario-2018-19

Aquaculture Scenario-2018-19

Aquaculture Scenario-2018-19

❖ Percentage of India’s fish production to the global fish production is- 6.3% (2nd in World  production)

❖ India is the second largest producer of fish and Fresh water fish in the world.

❖ Total Fish production in India- 12.60 million tonne13 (Includes Inland and Marine)

❖ World Fish Centre headquarter located at- Penang, Malaysia

❖ Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute- Kochin, Kerala

❖ Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute- Barrack pore, West Bengal

❖ Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE)- Mumbai, Maharashtra

❖ Central Institute of Brackish water Aquaculture- Chennai

❖ Central Government Launched “Blue revolution scheme” to increase production and productivity of fisheries in- 2015

❖ The main aim of Blue revolution is to augment Fish production to about- 20 MT by 2022-23.

❖ National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) Headquarter- Hyderabad

❖ Contribution of fisheries to Agricultural exports- 20%

Global position /2nd in Fisheries 2nd in Aquaculture

*Contribution of Fisheries to GDP (%) =0.91

*Contribution to Agril. GDP (%) =5.23

Per capita fish availability (Kg.) =9.0

Present fish Production =12.60 mmt

Inland =7.4 mmt

Marine =5.2 mmt

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