Barley One-liner For Competitive Exam -113

Barley One-liner

Q.Malt prepared by – Barley

Q.Carbohydrate content in barley is – 74%

Q. Salt resistant variety of barley is – Ratna

Q.Ranjit,Vijya,Ratna are varieties related to – Barley

Q.Mutant variety of barley is – Himani

Q.Chromosome number in Hordeum vulgare is – 2n=14

Q.Irrigated barley sown in – October

Q. Two row barley variety is – Clipper

Q. Best sowing time for barley is – October -November

Q. For rainfed condition, the seed rate required for barley crop is – 80-100kg/ha

Q. Seed rate of barley required for irrigated condition is – 75kg/ha

Q. The grain of barley is known as – Caryopsis

Q. The inflorescence of barley is called as- Head/spike

Q. Scientific name of six row barley is – Hordeum vulgare

Q. Sattu is prepared by – Barley

Q. Family of barley is – Poaceae

Q. Native place of barley – South-East Asia

Q. Protein percentage of barley – 11.5%

Q. Carbohydrate percentage of barley – 69.6%

Q. Fat percentage of barley – 1.3%

Q. Huskless variety of barley – Dolma

Q. Variety suitable for malting and brewing – Vijay

Q. Variety suitable for both fodder and grain – Kedar

Q. The barley flour does not contain – Gluten

Q. Protein content in barley the form of – Albuminoids

Q. Alfa-93 is the variety of – Barley

Q. Strip disease of barley is caused by – Fungus

Q. Molya disease resistant variety is – RD-2035, Karan-16

Q. Molya disease of barley is caused by – Nematode

Q. The variety of two-row barley is – DWR-28

Q. The maturity period of manjula variety is – 135-138days

Q. Depth of sowing of barley is – 5cm

Q. Critical stage of barley – Tillering & Grain filling

Q. CRI stage of barley is – 25-30 DAS (day after sowing)

Q. Tillering stage of barley – 35-40 DAS

Q. Panicle emergence stage of barley – 65-70 DAS

Q. Weed management up to required – 30-35 days

Q. In India 90% population consume barley as Food

Q. Sowing time in Hilly zones (summer crop) – April-May

Q. Salt tolerant variety of barley is – Amber

Q. Leaf of barley is – Sessile

Q. Shoot of barley is called – Culm

Q. Barley crop needs – Cold & dry climate

Q. Most critical stage of irrigation in barley is – Tillering

Q. Barley crop needs – Cold & dry climate

Q. Suitable PH for barley – 7-8

Q. Spacing of barley crop – 22-23cm

Q. The barley grains are mostly used in production of Barley

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