Biotech – Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Biotech – KISAN)

Biotech – KISAN

Biotech – Krishi Innovation Science Application Network (Biotech – KISAN)

Launch Year: 2016

Nodal Ministry: Ministry of Science and Technology

Aim: It aims to understand the problems of water, soil, seed and market faced by the farmers and provide simple solutions to them.

Objectives: It is being implemented in 15 agro – climatic zones of India in phased manner with the following objectives –

• To link science and technology to the farm by understanding the problem of the small and marginal farmer and provide a solution to them.

(Biotech – KISAN)

• To work together in close conjunction of scientists and farmers to improve the conditions of small and marginal farmers.

• To enhance agriculture productivity through scientific intervention and evolving best farming practices throughout the country.


• Biotech – KISAN Hub –

✓ Under the leadership of a champion, the Biotech-KISAN hub will be established in the agro-climatic zones of the country.

✓ Each hub will form a network by developing direct linkages with high-quality scientific institutions or / State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), existing state agriculture extension services/system, Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) and any other Farmers’ organizations in the region linked with leading international organizations/institutions.

(Biotech – KISAN)

✓ Biotech-KISAN Hub will have a tinkering laboratory.

✓ Also, the assistance for the biotech-KISAN hub will be provided initially for the two years with the aggregate amount of Rs. 60 lakhs per year and based on a review for an additional three years will be provided.

• Partnering Institutions –

The activities carried out by the partnering institute are given below:

✓ To conduct training programmes for the welfare of farmers in laboratories of scientific research institutions.

✓ To conduct training programmes for scientists in agricultural farms.

• Research Projects

• International Training

(Biotech – KISAN)

Key Features:

• Biotech-KISAN serves to support the women farmers/ entrepreneur in their small enterprises, making her a grass root innovator.

• Mahila Biotech-KISAN fellowships programme was included under this scheme to train and educate the farm practices for women farmers.

• The hub will consist of tinkering lab, communication cell and will organise training, workshops, awareness programmes to encourage innovation in the young as well as women farmers.

(Biotech – KISAN)

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