Breeds Of Cattle Point Wise Notes For Competitive Exam

Breeds Of Cattle

Breeds of cattle

Indigenous Dairy breeds(Breeds Of Cattle)

o known as Bhadawari, Desan, Gujarati, Kathiawari, Sorthi and Surati
o Origin- Gir forests (Gujarat)
o Reared in GJ, MH, RJ
o Skin Colour – White with dark red
o Horns -curved, ‘half moon’ look
o Milk yield – 1200-1800 kg per lactation
o Age at first calving 45-54 months
o inter calving period – 515 to 600 days
o known hardiness and disease resistance

Red Sindhi
o called as Red Karachi, Sindhi, Mahi
o Origin- Karachi, Hyderabad (India)
o Skin colour – dark red with light red shades
o Milk yield – 1250 to 1800 kg per lactation
o Age at first calving 39-50 months
o inter calving period – 425-540 days
o Bullocks despite lethargic
o used for road and field work

o Origin- Montgomery region (Pak)
o known as Lola loose skin, Lambi Bar, Montgomery, Multan, Teli
o best indigenous dairy breed
o colour – reddish dun or pale red
o Heavy breed
o Milk yield – 1400-2500 kg per lactation
o Age at first calving ranges – 37 to 48 months
o Calving interval is 430 to 580 days

Indigenous Draught breeds(Breeds Of Cattle)

o Origin Vijayanagarm (Karnataka
o Colour Grey
o medium size animal, long horns and strong legs
o best known for its draught capacity
o especially for its trotting ability

o Origin-Hassan & Chikmagalur (Karnataka)
o developed by Maharajahs of Mysore
o colour-Grey cattle
o long Horns

o Origin- Sholapur and Sitapur (MH)
o resemble with Hallikar breed
o Colour-Grey-white
o long and turn horns
o fast and powerful Bullocks

Indigenous Dual purpose breeds(Breeds Of Cattle)

o Ongin Tharparkar district (Pakistan)
o Also reared in Rajasthan
o known as White Sindhi Gray Sindhi and Thani
o Medium sized Ivre shared horn
o Colour – white or light grey
o Suitable for ploughing and casting
o Milk yield 1800-2600 kg per lactation
o Age at first calving – 38 to 42 months
o inter calving period – 430 to 460 days

o origin- Rohtak, Hisar, find and Gurgaon Haryana)
o a also popular in Punjab, UP and MP
o a small Horns
o Milk yield 600-800 kg per lactation
o Age at first calvin – 40 to 60 months
o Calving interval 450 to 630 days

o called as Wadad or Waged, Wadhiar
o Origin-Rano of Kutch Gujarat) and part of Rajasthan
o Lyre-shaped Horns
o Silver grey Colour
o Milk yield -1400 kg per lactation

o known as Nellore
o Origin-Ongole taluk in Guntur (AP)
o Large muscular
o well developed hump
o Suitable for heavy draught work
o Colour White or light grey
o Milk yield – 1000 kg per lactation
o Age at first calving. 38 to 45 months
o Inter calving period – 470 days
o Exotic dairy breeds of cattle

Exotic dairy breeds(Breeds Of Cattle)

o developed in Jersey Island, UK
o smallest of dairy types of cattle
o widely used in cross breeding with indigenous cows
o colour – reddish fawn
o 4.5% fatin milk
o Milk – 4500 kg per lactation
o First calving – 25 to 30 months
o Calving period – 13 to 14 months

Holstein Friesian
o developed in Netherlands (Friesland part)
o Possess large udder
o Largest dairy breed (weight- 700kg)
o Typical Black and white mark
o Milk-6000 to 7000 kg per lactation
o 3.45 % Fat in milk
o First calving – 29 to 30 months
o Calving period – 13 to 14 months

Brown Swiss
o Origin- Switzerland
o Famous for its rugged nature
o milk – 5000 kg per lactation with 4% fat

 Karan Swiss
o excellent crossbred cattle
o Cross Sahiwal X Brown Swiss
o developed by NDRI, Karnal
o First calving – 28 to 30 months
o Calving interval – 13 to 14 months

Red Dane
o developed in Denmark
o Colour – red, reddish brown
o Heavy (weight 950 kg)
o Milk 3000 to 4000 kg per lactation with 4% fat
o First calving – 28 to 30 months
o Calving interval – 13 to 14 months

o Origin – Scotland
o Most beautiful dairy breed
o very active animals but hard to manage

o less milk

o also known as Dunlop cattle or Cunningham cattle

o Origin- Guernsey island (France)
o colour-Cherry red
o Milk – golden colour (due to an exceptionally high content of beta carotene) good for cancer patient.
o high butterfat – 5% and a high protein – 3.7%
o Milk-6000 kg per lactation

Dairy breeds of cattle(Breeds Of Cattle)

Jersey cross
o crosses with Jersey semen
o suitable for dairy
o 2 to 3 fold increase in milk

Holstein Friesian (HF) crosses
o more suitable for cooler climatic regions (hilly areas)
o less tolerant to heat
o less resistance to tropical diseases


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