Murrah ;
The breed tract is Rohtak,Hisar and Jind of Haryana.The breed characterstics are massive body, neck and head comparatively long, horns short and tightly curled, Udder well developed, hip broad and fore – and hind quarters drooping. The tail is long reaching the fetlock s. The colour is usually jet black, with white markings on tail, and face and extremities sometimes found. The bullocks are good draught animals though slow and powerful. The average milk production per lactation is 1,500to 2,500 kgs. and the heretability of this trait is 0.2-0.3.The age at first calving is 45 – 50 months in villages but in good herds it is 36 – 40 months in intercaliving period is 450 – 500 days.

Surti : The breeds tracts of this breed is Kaira and Baroda districts of Gujarat. The body is well shaped and medium sized. The barrel is wedge shaped. The head is long with prominenet eyes.

The horns are sickle shaped. moderately long and flat. The back is straight and tail is farily
long. The colour is black or brown the peculiarity of breed is two white collars one round the jaw and the other at the brisket. The milk yield ranges from 900 – 1300 Kgs. The age at first calving is 40 to 50 months with an intercalving period of 400 – 500 days. The heritability of the trait is 0.2 to 0.3. the peculiarity of breed is very high fat percentage in milk (8 to 12%). The bullocks are good for light work


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