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Agronomy One Liner For Competitive exam

Agronomy One Liner

● ‘Father of India’s Green Revolution’—Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (Dr. Monkombu Sakbasivan Swaminathan), who is Ex-D.G. (ICAR) New Delhi and has also established M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, at Chennai (Tamil Nadu). ● A ‘Man made cereal’—‘Triticale’ is the first hybrid cross between wheat (Triticum aestivum) × Rye (Secale cereale) ● The …

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Weed Management One Liner For Competitive exam

Weed Management One Liner

Weed Management Quest.An unwanted plant, growing where it is not desired? Ans.Weed Quest.Such weeds, that are grown in cultivated field? Ans.Obligate weeds Quest.Cropped along with wild land weed are known as? Ans.Facultative weeds Quest.Problematic weed, whose seed once mixed with crop seed is extremely difficult to separate? Ans.Objectionable weed Quest.Undesirable, …

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Agronomy one liner for competitive exam

Agronomy one liner

Quest.A very broad term encompassing all aspects of crop production, livestock farming, fisheries, forestry etc. Ans.Agriculture Quest.‘Agriculture’ word is derived from Ans.Latin word (agri+culture) Quest.A branch of agricultural science which deals with principles and practices of soil, water and crop management. Ans.Agronomy Quest.“Agronomy” word is derived from words? Ans.Greek (agros+nomos) …

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Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage


Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for the Storage Modified atmosphere (MA) and controlled atmosphere (CA) technologies have great potential in a wide range of applications. The increasingly global nature of food production and the increased emphasis on reducing chemical preservatives and pesticides have put the spotlight on these centuries-old technologies. Yet …

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