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Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner For Competitive exam-2

Fruit Cultivation One Liner

Citrus Quest.The botanical name of acid lime Ans.Citrus aurentifolia Quest.Break fast fruit is Ans.Grape fruit (C. paradise leaf) Quest.The botanical name of Sweet Orange Ans.Citrus sinensis Quest.Which citrus species is known as Fancy fruit? Ans.C. reticulate Quest.Thornless species of citrus Ans.Tahiti lime (C. latifolia) (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner) Quest.Monoembryonic …

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2017-19 Advance Est. of Area and Production of Horticulture Crop

Horticulture Crop

Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare releases the 2017-18 Final and 2018-19 1st Advance Est. of Area and Production of Horticulture Crops. Nation witnesses record production of 311.7 MT Horticulture Crops in 2017-18 3.7% higher than the previous year(2016-17) and 10% higher than past 5 years’ average production.(Horticulture Crop) …

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