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General Horticulture One Liner For Competitive exam-5

● New Varieties of Important Commercial flowers Marigold (Tagetes erecta)—Bolero, Butter Scoch, Brown Scout, Goldy, Golden Jam, Lemon Jam, Hybrid Climax, Red Glo, Pumila (dwarf), Honour, Red Head and Red Pigmi etc. Guldavadi (Chrysanthemum Spp.)— (1) White Flowers—Jotsna, Sharad Sona, Mercury, Birbal Sahni and Himani; (2) Yellow Flowers—Aparna, Sharad Shrangar …

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Recent Research/Technologies in Agriculture For Competitive exam-1

Research in Agriculture

Recent Research/Technologies in Agriculture NANOTECHNOLOGY The term ‘Nanotechnology’ was The term ‘Nanotechnology’ was coined by Nario Taniguchi in 1974 at Univ. of Tokyo. Nanotechnology is understanding and control of matter of dimension of 1-100 nm. Example of Nano based Smart Delivery System – Halloysite Nano Pesticide – Nano Particles (NPs) …

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