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Soil as medium as plant growth

plant growth

Soil is a heterogeneous material consisting of three major components: a solid phase, a liquid phase and a gaseous phase. All three phases specifically influence the supply of nutrients to plant roots. The solid phase is the main nutrient reservoir. The inorganic particles of this phase contain cationic nutrients such …

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Important Primary minerals

Primary silicate minerals

=>Quartz – SiO2. =>Potash feldspar (Orthoclase) – KAlSi3O8, Soda feldspars (Albite) – NaAlSi3O8 =>Lime feldspar (Anorthite) – CaAl2Si2O8; Albite and anorthite combine to form plagioclase or soda lime feldspars. =>Feldspars are easily attacked by “water containing H2CO3”. The weathering process is called as carbonation. =>Plagioclase weathers more rapidly than orthoclase. =>Orthoclas …

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