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Vegetable Production

Vegetable Classification PDF Download Important For Competitive Exam

Vegetable Classification PDF Download

Vegetable Classification PDF Download Quite a large number of vegetable crops are grown in the country either on a commercial scale or limited to backyards of homesteads. Vegetable Classification PDF Download A few crops have similarity while others have dissimilarity in their climatic and soil requirements, parts, used, method of …

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Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden can be classified into 7 different types according to the purpose for which they have been developed. These are :- 1.Kitchen Garden 2.Market Garden 3.Truck Garden 4.Forcing Garden 5.Prossesing Garden 6.Seed Production Garden 7.Floating Garden KITCHEN GARDEN Area under required for kitchen gardening is 250 sq metere.It aims …

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To get maximum out of the soil in the minimum time ,we have to confine intensive cultivation.We should raise such  crops which grow quickly and high yields per unit area. These are vegetables and  some quick growing fruits.Most of the vegetables ,if properly grown, can give a yield which is …

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Sponge gourd cultivation

sponge gourd cultivation

It is also known as “Luffa” sponge gourd. The vines of sponge gourd attain the height of 30 feet or more. The fruits of sponge gourd are cylindrical in shape and outer skin is smooth green. The fruit contains white inner flesh which is fibrous and have similar flavor to …

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Bitter gourd cultivation

Bitter gourd is believed to be originated in tropical Asia, particularly in the Indo Burma region. Bitter gourd is widely grown in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and tropical Africa. Bitter Gourd is used for cooking it when it is green or in yellow ripening stage. The chinese use Bitter Melon …

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