Chick pea,Kabuli gram and Pigeon pea One Liner For Agri exam-74

Chick pea One Liner

Chick-pea( Cicer arietinum)

• Gram is rich source of calcium, iron and niacin.  Used as blood purifier and germinated seeds are recommended to cure scurvy disease.

• India is the largest producer of gram in the world sharing 65% area & 70% of total global production.(Chick pea One Liner)

Major pulse crop in India and share largest acreage and production among the pulse crop in the country, followed by pigeon pea.

•Origin of place: Afghanistan (Persia)

Area and distribution(World):

• Area: India > Pakistan > Turkey

• Production: India > Turkey > Pakistan

Agri Exam Important 10000 Agriculture MCQ

In India:

• Area: MP > Raj > U

• Production: MP > Raj > UP

•Desi or brown gram Yellow to dark brown seed small sized

• Cosmopolitan in nature. (Chick pea One Liner)

• Test weight: 140-200g

 Kabuli/white gram (C. kabulim),

•2n = 16

• Bold attractive white seed 

•Test weight: 340-375 g

• Family: Leguminaceae, sub family: Papilionaceae

• The sour taste of leaves and pods is due to the presence oi Mallic acid 90-96% and Oxalic acid 4-10%, about 4-10 kg oi these acid can be obtained from one ha crop.

• Tap root system, cloddy and rough seed bed is required to provide adequate aeration for proper germination of seeds

• C3, long day plant.

• Gram is highly susceptible to frost at flowering stage.

•Varieties:(Chick pea One Liner)

Desi gram: 

•Avrodhi: Wilt resistant

•Pusa-256/BG 256: Most common and best for Rainfed conditior

•C-235: Widely adopted for dry land, tolerant Ascochyta blight.

•Gaurav: Resistant to Ascochyta blight.

•RS -11: Mutant variety

•ICCC-2: Short duration variety Aparna (2006)

• Rough seed bed is required for gram to provide good aeration.

• Sowing: fortnight of October is optimum time.

Seed rate: 80-100 kg ‘seeds/ha.

• Spacing: Row to Row 30 x 10 at the depth of 6-8cm.(Chick pea One Liner)

• Delayed planting increases the incidence of (pod borer) Helicoverpa armigera.

• Early and shallow sown crop is more liable to be damaged by wilt.

• Pre -flowering and pod development are the most critical stages.

Practices in gram: Nipping and topping:

• Pruning of top branches of the plants to encourage reproductive growth

• Practice at 50-60 days after sowing

• It can be done by a flock of sheep.

• Chemical for nipping: TIBA @ 75 PPM i.e. Tri-iodobenzoic Acid.

• Yield of gram 20-25 q/ha. 

• Root system of gram is: Tap root system(Chick pea One Liner)

• Sour test of gram leaf is due to: Maleic & oxalic acid

• Best variety for dry land is: C-235

• Sowing time of gram is: 15 October- 20 Oct.

• Gram fruit is known as: Pod

Protein content of gram: 21 %

• Deep sowing of gram is protect from: Wilt disease

• Critical stage for irrigation: Pre flowering, pod development stage.

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Pigeon pea: (Cajanns cajun)

• Known as red gram

• drough tolerant among pulses.

•Origin: Africa

cajun var. bicolor: Perennial, tall, much branched N/ Late maturity, 4-5 grains/pod Commonly grown in North India.

C. cajan var. flavus:Annual, Short plant , Early maturity, 2-3 grains/pod. Mainly grown in South India as a seed crop.(Chick pea One Liner)

Area and distribution:

• Area: India > Malari > Uganda

Production: Same trend in area and production

In India:

• Area: Maharashtra > UP > Karnataka

• Production: UP > MH > Gujarat

• Productivity: Bihar > UP

• In India 90% area and 85% production on Global basis.

•Deep rooted, self pollinated. Hypogeal germination. C3, short day plant. Hardy crop.


a. Short duration: UPAS-120: It takes about 120-125 days.(Chick pea One Liner)

drought tolerant crop among major

• Prabhat: Extra -early, 110-120 days

• ICPH-8: lsthybrid of arhar in world developed at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, 1991.

• PPH-4, ICPL-15

b. Medium duration: 150-180 days

• BDN1, 2,

• C-11 • Mulcta (wilt resistant).

c. Long duration: 180-300 days: PUSA-9.

Seeds and sowing: • Seed rate: 12-15 kg/ha.

• Spacing: 60 x 15 cm.

• Plant population for kharif is: 55,000 plants/ha(Chick pea One Liner)

• Plant population for winter crop: 3.33 lakh plants/ha

• Sowing time:1st fortnight of June

• Harvesting Index is: 19% lowest in among pulses

• Botanical name of Arhar:Cajanus Capri.

• Origin of arhar: South Africa.

• Sowing of arhar: 15 June

• Highest production of arhar in: UP

• Protein content of arhar is: 25%.

• Highest productivity of arhar: Bihar (1115 kg/ha).(Chick pea One Liner)

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