Classification Of Maize

Classification Of Maize

Classification Of Maize

Classification is largely based on the character of the kernels. It is classified into seven groups (Kipps, 1959).

1. Flint corn (Zea mays indurate): Starchy endosperm enclosed with hard hammy endosperm. Kernel size is large with flat bottom and round at the top.High proportion of starch. Colour may be white or yellow. This is the type mostly grown in India.

2. Dent corn (Z. mays indentata): Because of formation of dent on the top of kernel having white or yellow, it is called as dent corn. Maize kernels have both soft and hard starches. The hard starch extends on the sides and the soft starch is in the centre and extends to the top of the kernel. Depression or dent in the crown on the seed is the result of drying and shrinkage of soft starch. This type is widely grown in USA.

3. Pop corn (Z. mays averta): Kernel size is small. Hard and corneous endosperm is present.

4. Sweet corn (Z.mays saccharata): The sugar and starch make the major component of the endosperm that results in sweet taste of kernels. It is mainly grown in Northern half of USA. The cobs are picked up green for canning and table purpose.

5. Flour corn (Z. mays amylaceae): It resembles to the flint corn in appearance and ear characteristics. The grains are composed of soft starch and have little or no dent (called as “soft corn”). It is widely grown in USA and South Africa.

6. Pod corn (Z. mays tunicata): Each kernel is enclosed in a pod or husk in an ear, which enclosed in husks, like other types of corn.

7. Waxy corn (Z. mays cerabina)- The kernel looks to have waxy appearance and gummy starch in them, because of amylopectin. Starch is similar to that of tapioca starch for making adhesive.

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