Classification of fruits based on climatic adaptability

Classification of fruits based on climate adaptability

In this classification, the fruits trees are categorized into three recognized groups.

Temperate fruits

  • Temperate fruit plants are exacting in their climate requirement.
  • They are grown only in place where winter is distinctly cold, require as exposure of specific chilling temperature for certain period without which they do not flower.
  • These fruit plants are generally deciduous and stand frost. E.g. apple, almond, peach, pear, plum, strawberry, apricot, persimmon, cherimoya, pecan nut, walnut, hassle nut, cherry, pistachios and kiwifruits etc.

Tropical fruits

  • Tropical fruit plants are generally evergreen and are extremely sensitive to cold.
  • The plants are generally grown in climatic conditions prevailing in the region between the tropic of cancer (230 (27) N latitude) and the tropic of Capricorn (230 (27) S latitude).
  • They do well under lesser fluctuations of diurnal temperature, light and dark periods they require a moist warm climate but are capable of withstanding dry weather in some cases e.g; mango, banana, papaya, sapota, etc.,

Sub-tropical fruits

  • The fruit crops grown under a climatic condition between temperate and the tropical are known as subtropical fruit crops.
  • They may be either deciduous or evergreen and are usually able to withstand a low temperature but not the frost.
  • They are also quite adoptive to fluctuations of light and dark period during day and night. Some subtropical fruit plants require chilling for flower bud differentiation. Example; grape, citrus, durian, jackfruit, etc.,
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