Crop-damaging armyworms raise growing sense of alarm in Asia, as per FAO

#As per a recent report of FAO, farming in several Asian countries is under threat from a type of crop-damaging insects called Fall armyworms that have made their way from the Americas and across Africa to Asia.

#Fall armyworms are native to the Americas but they have been moving eastwards since 2016, sweeping across Africa, where they caused $1-3 billion in damage, before arriving in Asia.

#They feed mostly on maize, for which China is the world’s second-largest producer, and can feed on several species of crops, including rice and sugarcane which are two of Thailand’s main commodities.

#According to FAO, the flying insects arrived in India in July and have since spread to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and China’s Yunnan province.

#The Plant Protection Commission for Asia and the Pacific began raising awareness about the threat early last year, sharing key information on the pest, its spread towards Asia, and how to manage it sustainably in case of infestation.

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