Crop Protection One Liner For Competitive exam

Crop Protection One Liner

Crop Protection

The majority of phytopathogenic fungi belong to ? – Ascomytes & Basidiomycetes

Causal agent of blast of rice and gray leaf spot in turfgrasses ? – Magnaporthe grisea

Causal agent of soybean rust ?- Phakospora pachyrhizi

Most bacteria that are associated with plants are actually ? – Saprotrophic

Most plant pathogenic bacteria are ? – Rodshaped (bacilli)

Plant viruses must be transmitted from plant to plant by a ? – Vector

Bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by ? – Xanthomonas oryzae

The disease caused by Leptosphaeria sacchari in sugarcane is ? – Ring spot

Loose smut of wheat is ? – Internally seed borne

The Karnal bunt of wheat is caused by ? – Neovossia indica

Sugarcane rust is caused by ? – Puccinia eriathi

Leaf blight of wheat is caused by ? – Alternaria trictinia

Stem rot of rice is caused by ? – Sclerotium oryzae

Tungro disease of rice is spread by ? – Nephotettix virescens

Ufra disease of rice is caused by ? – Ditylenchus

Whip smut of sugarcane is caused by ? – Ustilago sciteminae

Red rot of sugarcane is caused by ? – Collectorichum falcatum

Sugarcane mosaic disease is transmitted by ? – Rhopalosiphum maidis

Disease also known as “Killer Disease of Wheat” is ? – Black/ Stem rust

Akiochi disease is due to ? – Sulphur toxicity

White rust of crucifers is caused by ? – Albugo candida

Crop showing maximum resistance to nematode is ? – Marigold

Iris famine in 1845 ,was caused due to ? – Phytophothora infestance

Father of Indian Pathology is ? – E.J.Butler

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