Cropping and Farming system One Liner For Competitive exam

Farming system One Liner

Cropping and Farming system one liner

Quest.The repetitive cultivation of an ordered succession of crops or crops and fallow on the same land is called as
Ans.Crop rotation

Quest.Which of the following rotations is likely to leave soil richer in organic matter?
Ans.Maize – Oats – Clovers

Quest.Crop rotation practiced by the majority of the farmers in a given area or locality is called as
Ans.Cropping Pattern

Quest.The most prominent and adopted cropping pattern in India
Ans.Rice – Wheat.

Quest.The cropping pattern used on a farm and its interactions with farm resources, other farm enterprises and available technology which determine their makeup is called as
Ans.Cropping system (Farming system One Liner)

Quest.An appropriate combination of farm enterprises viz., cropping system, livestock, poultry,fisheries and the means available to the farmer to raise them for increasing profitability is called as
Ans.Farming system

Quest.The raising of animals along with crop production is
Ans.Mixed farming

Quest.Growing of two or more crops simultaneously and intermingled without row arrangements, wherethere is significant amount of intercrop competition is called as
Ans.Mixed cropping

Quest.Growing of two or more crops simultaneously in alternate rows or otherwise in the same area, where there is significant amount of inter crop competition is called as

Quest.One crop variety grown alone in pure stands at normal density in a field
Ans.Sole cropping(Farming system One Liner)

Quest.The repetitive growing of the same sole crop on the same land is termed as

Quest.The growing of more than one crop on the same land in one year is termed as
Ans.Multiple cropping

Quest.Growing of two or more crops in quick succession on the same piece of land in a farming year is termed as
Ans.Sequential/non-overlapping cropping

Quest.A cropping system where the land is hands over the succeeding crop before the harvest of standing crop.
Ans.Relay or overlapping cropping

Quest.Two or more than two crops of different heights cultivated simultaneously on the same field is called as
Ans.Multistoreyed/Multitired/Multi-level cropping(Farming system One Liner)

Quest.Such crops have different growth habits and zero competition to each other.
Ans.Parallel cropping

Quest.The cropping system beneficial to prevent soil erosion due to winds is
Ans.Strip cropping

Quest.Cropping intensity of maize-potato-wheat

Quest.The example of parallel cropping is
Ans.Urd/Moong + Maize

Quest.Paira and Utera cropping are most probable in
Ans.Bihar, MP and Chhattisgarh state(Farming system One Liner)

Quest.When the productions of both inter crops is equal to that of its solid planting.
Ans.Companion cropping

Quest.Synergetic cropping means
Ans.When yield of both the crops are higher than their pure crops on unit area e.g.
Sugarcane + Potato

Quest.What does ‘jhuming’ refers to
Ans.Traditional method of cultivation in hilly area

Quest.The formulae of cropping intensity is
Ans.C.I. (%) =Total Cropped Area/Net Sown Area*100

Quest.The average cropping intensity of India
Ans.135%(Farming system One Liner)

Quest.The formulae of rotational intensity
Ans.R.I. (%) =No. f crops grown in rotation/Duration Of the rotation*100

Quest.“Relative land area under sole crop required to produce the same yield as obtained under a mixed or intercropping system at the same level of management is termed as
Ans.Land equivalent ratio (LER)

Quest.Sustainability Yield index value lies between
Ans.0 to +1

Quest.The formulae of cropping index is
Ans.C.I. (%) =Total Cropped Area/Net Sown Area*100

Quest.Organic farming excludes the application of
Ans.Fertilizers(Farming system One Liner)

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