Different Fishing boats in India

Fishing boats

Fishing boats of Tamil Nadu

Colachel to cape Comorin is a surf beaten coast where boat catamarans are popular. In the
Gulf of Mannar, boat canoe, boat catamaran, Tuticorin and Kilakarai boats are in operation.
Popular craft in Palk Bay is fishing canoe, Adiram patnam canoe, three masted plank-built canoe
and kalladhoni. In Coromandel coast catamarans and flexible, masula boats are predominant.
1. Boat Catamaran
2. Boat canoe (Vallam)
3. Tuticorin boat
4. Adirampatnam fishing canoe
5. Kilakaral boat
6. Masula boat

Fishing boats of Goa

The traditional fishing craft of Goa is dugout canoes and planked boats with large out
riggers. There is a rudimentary keel in the dugouts. The size of the boat varies from 7-8 m.

Fishing boats of Karnataka

Rampini boats are popular in Northern Karnataka and dugout in Southern Karnataka.

Fishing boats of Kerala

  1. Dugout
  2. Plank built canoe
  3. Raft Catamaran

Fishing boats of Maharashtra

The physical and geographical features of northern Maharashtra up to Mumbai are
similar to those of southern Gujarat. Southern Maharashtra has a rocky coast with sheltered
bays, creeks and harbours. The following types of fishing boats are found in Maharashtra.
1. Bombay machwa
2. Satpati type
3. Versova boat
4. Rathnagiri machwa

Fishing boats of Gujarat

There is a marked difference in the geographical and physical features of northern and southern
regions of Gujarat. Whereas the north of the country is arid and stony, the south of the country is distinguished by the sandy bottom. The following types of a boat with their broad features give along side are found in Gujarat.
1. Porbandar machwa
2. Cambay Machwa
3. Malia boat
4. Dugout canoe
5. Madhwad type wahan
6. Gujarat wahan

Fishing boats of Andhra Pradesh

Being surf beaten coasts without shelters, the following surf – landing crafts are
1. Catamaran (Teppalu)
2. Masula boat
3. Nava

Fishing boats of Orissa

Two regions can be differentiated along the Orissa coast. The southern part is surf
beaten, where as the northern part has sandy bottom extending far out into the sea. The boats
used are
1. Botali
2. Catamaran
3. Bar boat

Fishing boats of West Bengal

The physical conditions of the coast line are analogous to those of northern Orissa. The
following two boats are used.
1. Batchari boat
2. Chot boat

Fishing boats of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Influence of Australian design is seen in the fishing craft of these Islands. Dugout and
out rigger canoes are standard. However, the shape of dugouts is different, and the outrigger
canoes have more than two out riggers attached differently.
1. Dugout
2. Out rigger canoe

Fishing boats of Lakshadweep Islands

  1. Raft (Kathufathi)
  2. Plank built boat (Kalundhoni)
  3. Masodi


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