Entamology MCQ for Competitive Exam

Entamology MCQ

Entamology MCQ

1- International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (ICZN) was evolved in the year

A) 1901

B) 1906

C) 1897

D) 1911

2- find the mismatch

A) Insect physiology – wrigglesworth

B) Insect Morphology -snodgrass

C) animal taxonomy – V. C. Kapoor

D) none of these

3) The blood of phytophagous and carnivorous insect rich in & respectively.

A) Na, K

B) K, Na

C) Ca, K

D) K, Ca

4) The blood of molluscans

A) red

B) blue

C) green

D) yellow

5) Salivary glands secrete anticoagulants in

A) beetles

B) mosquitoes

C) lizards

D) none of these

(Entamology MCQ)

6) which of the following is not an auditory organ of insect?

A) Tympanal organ

B) pearmans organ

C) palpifer

D) hair sensillae

7) Strickland code and dall code related to

A) taxonomy

B) physiology

C) morphology

D) anatomy

8) moulting hormone secreted by

A) prothoracic glands

B) corpora allata

C) salivary glands

D) neurosecretory cells

E) corpora cardiaca

moulting hormone – prothoracic glands

Juvenile hormone- corpora allata

Eclosion hormone – neurosecretory cells

9) Johnston’s organ in which part of the flagella

A) scape

B) pedicel

C) flagellum

10)pre-adult stage With fully developed wings but without reproductive organs =

A) Imago

B) Sub -imago

C) Stadium

D) Instar

(Entamology MCQ)

11)Meconium is a fluid emerge from

A) egg

B) larva

C) pupa

D) adult

12) pebrine is a disease related to

A) silkworm

B) bee

C) lac insect

D) locust

13) bee ‘s wax contains

A) only myricyl palmitate

B) only cerotic acid

C) both A&B

D) none

14- Biotic potential/ Max reproductive power given by

A) Chapman

B) v. C. Kapoor

C) kran warsd

D) frisch

15- pest which occurs regularly at a particular season or time in serious manner

A) key pest

B) Sporadic pest

C) Endemic pest

D) Epidemic pest

(Entamology MCQ)

16) Max number of biotypes observed in


B) gall midge

C) coconut weevil

D) Hessian fly

17- Find the mismatch

A) yellow color traps – aphids, white fly

B) Green and blue green – cabbage butterfly

C) dark green – rice leaf folder

D) brown – leaf hoppers

18- Pollination by butterflies?

A) Myophily

B) Myrmecophily

C) Canthorophily

D) Palenophily


Ants – myrmecophily

Beetles – canthorophily

Butterflies – palenophily

19) find the mismatch

A) bee venom contains – melittin

B) wasp venom – serotonin

C) ant venom – formic acid

D) blister beetle – cantharidin

E) none of these

20) insects cannot synthesis

A) cholesterol

B) carbohydrates

C) proteins

(Entamology MCQ)

21- India is monopoly in production of which silk?

A) Eri silk

B) Muga silk

C) tussar silk

D) mulberry silk

22- Language / method of communication of honeybees discovered by

A) Karl von Frisch

B) A. S. Atwal

C) Elton

D) T. V. Prasad

23- Spraying should be done according to the

A) direction of air

B) direction of wind

C) cropping pattern

24- Filter chamber in insect related to

A) Digestive system

B) circulatory system

C) nervous system

D) excretory system

25- DDT first synthesized by

A) Muller

B) Faraday

C) Zielder

DDT first synthesized by zielder , 1874

DDT insecticidal properties first discovered by Muller ,1939

BHC first synthesized by Faraday.

(Entamology MCQ)
26- Order of seed treatment of chemicals

A) Rhizobium-Insecticide-Fungicide

B) fungicide – insecticide -rhizobium

C) insecticide – fungicide – rhizobium

D) fungicide – rhizobium – insecticide

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