Entomology One Liner For Competitive Exam – 89

Entomology One Liner

Q. Arthropods evolved during Cambrine period

Q. Acute poison used for rodent control both zinc phosphide and barium carbonate

Q. Mustard saw fly egg laying Singly on leaf margins

Q. Multiple disease and insect resistant variety which is grown on more than 11 million ha
in the world IR 36

Q. Green leaf hopper ETL in tungro virus endemic area is 2/hill

Q. Scientific name of lac a) Keeria lacca b) Laccifera lacca c) Tachardia lacca

Q. Design is most appropriate for most laboratory experiments CRD

Q. In poison distribution Mean = Variance

Q. All the living organisms on the earth interacting with the physical environment as a whole are referred to as the Biosphere

Q. Insect known as ‘Overflow worm’ Cut worm

Q. Indian grain storage institute established in 1958

Q. National Center for Integrated Pest Management established in 1988

Q. Homing behavior seen in honeybee

Q. Rearing of stingless bee known as Meliponoculture

Q. The All India Coordinated Research project on Biological control of pests and
weeds (AICRPBC) was started in 1977

Q. Sprayer will cause more loss of spray droplets by drift Ultra low volume sprayer

Q. Example of High volume sprayer Knapsack sprayer

Q. Shear nozzle commonly used in Knapsack sprayer

Q. K strategist favours Low reproductive rate and high survival rate

Q. Reproduction type in Lac insect Ovoviviparous

Q. The quantity of liquid insecticide with 25% active ingredient reqired for preparing 500 litres of the spray fluid of 0.25% strength is 5.0 litre

Q. First commercial based formulation of NPV is Elcar

Q. Duplex setae present in Tetranychidae

Q. Litchi erineum mite belongs to family Eriophyidae

Q. McPhil traps commonly used for Dipteran flies

Q. The highest lac producing state of India is
a) Chattisgarh b) Madhya Pradesh c) Bihar d) Jharkhand

Q. Dr. Hans R. Herren was awarded the world food prize in 1995 for his work on
biological control of
a) Phenococcus manihoti b) Paracoccus marginatus c) Phenacoccus solenopsis d)
Maconellicoccus hirstus

Q. The sting in worker honey bee is a modified part of Ovipositor

Q. Term Biodiversity hotspots given by Norman Myers

Q. Examples of chitin synthesis inhibitors Buprofezin, Lufenuron, Teflubenzuron

Q. Father of Biological Nomenclature Carlous Linnaeus

Q. A term designating a specimen of opposite sex to the holotype is Allotype

Q. Wing coupling mechanism is present in Hymenoptera Hamuli

Q. Thrips have asymmetrical mouthparts due to absence of Right mandible

Q. IPM relies on
a) To reduce the plant protection bill b) realistic IPM c) to reduce the damage load
and to optimize the yield d) all the above

Q. Extra intestinal digestion present in Predators

Q. In insects the resting potential of nerve axons about -70mv

Q. Neuro transmitters present in insects Acetylcholine, L-Glutamate, GABA

Q. Cells which nurse the egg cells to grow Trohocytes

Q. Cantharidin-An irritating substance producing family Meloidae

Q. Proctolin, a neuropeptide first isolated from
a) Red cotton bug b) Silkworm c) Honeybee d) Cockroach

Q. The pest which attacks both in field and storage is Pulse beetle

Q. Pest population reappearance after some time some is called
a) Pest outbreak b) Pest resurgence c) Secondary pest outbreak d) Flare back

Q. Beauvericin is chemically
a) Crystal protein b) Depsipeptide c) Triterpinoid d) None of the above

Q. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
a) Encephalitis b) Filariasis c) Yellow fever d) All the above

Q. Most quality lac strain obtained from Kusumi strain

Q. The silk filament is composed of two fibrion filaments held together by a
cementing layer of Sericin

Q. Of the total silk produced in the country, 90% is produced from Multivoltine

Q. Disease is caused by bacteria in silkworm Flacherie

Q. Name of the species that is polyphagous, semi domesticated in nature Muga

Q. The main honey producing family Apidae

Q. Royal jelly is the secretion of Lateral hypopharnyngeal glands of worker

Q. Vector of little leaf brinjal Leaf hoppers

Q. Red gram sterility mosaic virus is transmitted by Mites

Q. Sesame phyllody virus transmitted by Jassids

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