Entomology One-liner For Competitive Exam -109

1. A pest causing less than 5% crop loss is termed as Negligible Pest 

2. A pest causing 5% to 10% crop loss is termed as Minor Pest 

3. A pest causing more than 10% crop loss is termed as Major Pest 

4. Deforestation / Pest Resurgence / Mutation is a reason for pest outbreak

5. Insect pests belong to the phylum- Arthropoda 

6. Insects belong to the class- Insecta/Hexapoda

7. Insects have One Or Two pair of wings

8. Silverfish / Springtails is an example for insects without metamorphosis

9. Grass Hoppers / Locusts / Aphids / Bugs is an example for insects with incomplete metamorphosis

10. Moths / Butterflies / Flies / Beetles is an example for insects with complete metamorphosis

11. White Grub/Termite is an subterranean pest

12. Nematodes / Mites / Rodents / Slugs / Snails / Birds / Mammalian Pests is a non-insect pest

13. Nematodes belong to the phylum Nemata & class Nematoda 

14. Small, unsegmented, soil inhabiting, plant parasitic worms are commonly referred to as Nematodes 

15. Meloidogyne Spp. is commonly known as Root Knot Nematode

16. Mites belong to the phylum Arthropoda & class Arachnida

17. Mites prefer Warm, Dry Weather type of weather

18. Eriophyis guerreronis is commonly known as Coconut Mite

19. Slugs & Snails belong to the phylum Mollusca & class Gastropoda

20. Slugs & snails are gastropod pests of Orchid & Anthurium

21. Gastropod pests generally prefer cool, damp conditions

22. Birds belong to the phylum Chordata and class Aves

23. Rodents belong to the phylum Chordata & class Mammalia

24. Weeds are the known as ‘SILENT KILLERS’ causing most extensive crop loss among all major pests

25. Any change in form, structure & appearance of an animal between birth and maturity is referred to as Metamorphosis

26. Plant parasitic bugs belong to the order Hemiptera

27. BUGS possess Piercing and Sucking type of mouth parts

28. In case of Bugs , fore wings are modified into Hemelytra

29. In case of Bugs , hind wings are of Membraneous type

30. Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Bugs are Adults and Nymphs

31. Contact type of insecticides are generally used in the control of Bugs. 

32. Coleoptera is the largest order of insects

33. Beetles belong to the order Coleoptera

34. Beetles have Biting & Chewing type of mouth parts

35. Fore wings of Beetles are known as Elytra

36. Hind wings of Beetles are Membraneous in nature

37. Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Beetles are Adults & Grubs

38. One fifth of the total animal species belong to Coleoptera

39. One fourth of total insect species belong to Coleoptera

40. Moths & Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera

41. Larval stage of Lepidopteran pests are known as Caterpillars 

42. Lepidopteran pests have Four no. of Membraneous wings

43. Sucking mouth parts adults of Moths & Butterflies are known as Proboscis

44. Caterpillars possess Biting & Chewing type of mouth parts

45. Stomach type of poisons are effective in controlling Beetles

46. In case of Lepidopteran pests , control operations should target Larval stage

47. Stomach type of poisons are effective in control of Lepidopteran pests

48. Moths are nocturnal Lepidopterans

49. Thrips belong to the order Thysanoptera

50. Thrips possess Rasping and Sucking type of mouth parts

51. Wings of Thrips have long marginal fringes of hairs

52. Caterpillar stage is the crop destructive stage of Lepidopteran pests

53. Adults and Nymphs stages are destructive to crops in case of Thrips

54. Flies belong to the order Diptera

55. Flies possess Sponging/Spongy type of mouth parts

56. Flies have One pairs of active wings

57. In case of Flies , hind wings are reduced to a club like structure called Halteres

58. Maggots is the crop destructive larval stage of flies

59. The young ones of insects with incomplete metamorphosis is known as Nymphs

60. The young ones of insects with complete metamorphosis is known as Larvae


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