118 Entomology One Liner For Competitive Exam

Entomology One Liner

1)Arthropods evolved during Cambrian period

2)Acute poison used for rodent control both zinc phosphide and barium carbonate

3)Mustard saw fly egg laying Singly on leaf margins

4).Multiple disease and insect resistant variety which is grown on more than 11 million ha in the world IR 36

5)Green leaf hopper ETL in tungro virus endemic area is 2/hill

6)Scientific name of lac

a) Kerria lacca

b) Laccifer lacca

c) Tachardia lacca

d) All the above

7) Design is most appropriate for most laboratory experiments CRD

8) In poisson distribution Mean = Variance

9)All the living organisms on the earth interacting with the physical environment as a whole are referred to as the Biosphere

10) Insect known as ‘Overflow worm’ Cut worm

11) Indian grain storage institute established in 1958

12) National Center for Integrated Pest Management established in 1988

13) Rearing of stingless bee known as Meliponiculture

14) The All India Coordinated Research project on  Biological control of pests and weeds (AICRPBC) was started in 1977

15) Sprayer will cause more loss of spray droplets by drift Ultra low volume sprayer

16) Example of High volume sprayer Knapsack sprayer

17) Shear nozzle commonly used in Knapsack sprayer

18) K strategist favours Low reproductive rate and high survival rate

19) Reproduction type in Lac insect Ovoviviparous

20) The quantity of liquid insecticide with 25% active ingredient required for preparing 500 litres of the spray fluid of 0.25% strength is 5.0 liter

21) First commercial based formulation of NPV is Elcar

22) Duplex setae present in Tetranychidae

23) Litchi erineum mite belongs to family Eriophyidae McPhail traps commonly used for Dipteran flies

25) The highest lac producing state of India is Jharkhand

26) Dr. Hans R. Herren was awarded the world food prize in 1995 for his work on biological control of Phenacoccus manihoti

27)The sting in worker honey bee is a modified part of Ovipositor

28)Term Biodiversity hotspots given by Norman Myers

29)Examples of chitin synthesis inhibitors Buprofezin, Lufenuron, Teflubenzuron

30)Father of Biological Nomenclature Carolus Linnaeus

31)A term designating a specimen of opposite sex to the holotype is Allotype

32)Wing coupling mechanism is present in Hymenoptera Hamuli

33)Thrips have asymmetrical mouthparts due to absence of Right mandible

34)IPM relies on
a) To reduce the plant protection bill
b) realistic IPM
c) to reduce the damage load and to optimise the yield
d) all the above

35)Extra intestinal digestion present in Predators

36)In insects the resting potential of nerve axons about -70mv

37)Neuro transmitters present in insects Acetylcholine, L-Glutamate, GABA

38)Cells which nurse the egg cells to grow Trophocytes

39)Cantharidin-An irritating substance producing family Meloidae

40) Proctolin, a neuropeptide first isolated from Cockroach

41) The pest which attacks both in field and storage is Pulse beetle

42) Pest population reappearance after some time some is called Pest resurgence

43) Beauvericin is chemically Depsipeptide

44) Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
a) Encephalitis
b) Filariasis
c) Yellow fever
d) All the above

45) Most quality lac strain obtained from Kusumi strain

46) The silk filament is composed of two fibrin filaments held together by a cementing layer of Sericin

47) Of the total silk produced in the country, 90% is produced  from Multivoltine

48) Disease is caused by bacteria in silkworm Flacherie

49) Name of the species that is polyphagous, semi domesticated in nature Muga silkworm

50) The main honey producing family Apidae

51) Royal jelly is the secretion of Lateral hypopharyngeal glands of worker

52) Vector of little leaf brinjal Leaf hoppers

53) Red gram sterility mosaic virus is transmitted by Mites

54) Sesame phyllody virus transmitted by Jassids

55) Mycoplasma diseases transmitted by
a) Aphids
b) Leaf hoppers
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

56) Which following component will help to transmission of
virus – Helper virus

57)Which of the following one is most destructive mite in rice- Steneotarsonemus

58)Mite is polyphagous, common to vegetable and ornamental crops – Polyphagous tarsonemus

59)Which of the following is not an acaricide- Acetamiprid

60) What is the percentage of drying of seeds/grains to get rid of stored pests- 10%

61) San Jose scale is a pest of Apple

62) In coconut root injection technique is used to for the management of Black headed caterpillar

63) Pollu beetle is a major pest of Pepper

64) “T” shaped marking on marble sized mango fruits is characteristic symptom of Mango nut weevil

65) Gummosis and crown toppling in coconut is characteristic symptom of Red palm weevil

66) Insect feeds on silk and developing cobs of maize Helicoverpa armigera

67) Silver shoot in paddy is a characteristic symptom of Orseolia oryzae

68) The energy is utilized for making fog, smoke and vapour sprays Thermal energy

69) Pesticide are better applied to field crops Either in the morning or the evening

70)Droplet spray is known as aerosol spray 1 to 50 microns

71) Nozzle used for producing mist Blast nozzle

72) Use resistant varieties in IPM example of Cultural control

73) Which of the following is not a cultural practice for pest suppression – Hand picking

74)Trimedlure is a lure for Ceratitis capitata

75) Tool is used to measure the behaviour of insect towards the odour source Wind tunnel

76) When the larvae moults into pupa the concentration of  Juvenile hormone Decreases

77) Maximum number of insect biotypes is observed in Hessian fly

78) The occurrence of asparagine in minute quantities was considered to be the primary cause resistance to BPH in rice variety Mudgo

79) The non-preference of plant resistance to insects is also known as Antixenosis

80) Mode of action of Neonicotinoids Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists

81) An insecticide having LD5010000 (Single dose to rats) classified as-  Somewhat toxic

82)The pest,white grubs lays eggs singly in loose soil

83)In sugarcane earthing up is the management practice for Early shoot borer

84)In sugarcane biological control, use of ESPN’s for – Holotrichia serrata

85)Scientific name of Rust red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum 

86) Phytotoxic causing insect Tea mosquito bug

87) Smallest storage damaging insect Cryptolestes minutus

88) Karanjin, active principle present in a Pongamia glabra is Furano Flavonol

89) Techniques used for males trapping and reducing the reproductive ability of female’s Male annihilation technique and mating disruption

90) The chemical which give advantage to receiver but not releaser Kairomone

91) Physical nature of neonicotinoids Soil application, Foliar Spray and Seed treatment

92) Biotype which is most destructive in Indian sub-continent- Biotype 4

93) Order of insect used in forensic entomology Diptera

94) The pathway related sap-sucking insects Signalling pathway

95) Schmidt sting pain index is a pain scale ranging between 1 to 4

96) The Apis mellifera complete genome sequence was published in the year 2006

97) Stipital region of labium is called Palpiger

98) Pesticide Nanoemulsion size range >200 nm

99) Defence secretion of bombardier beetles is Benzoquinones

100) Mustard sawfly have three pairs of thoracic legs and 6-8 pairs of prolegs

101) Production of young ones by immature stages is Paedogenesis

102) Dust formulations toxicant range 0.1 to 25%

103) Example of Pro Insecticide Cartap

104) Fenoxycarb is a Juvenile hormone analogue

105) Most important enzyme of MFOs system is Cytochrome P-450

106) K.F. Knipling developed sterile male technique for the control of Cochliomyia hominivorax in Island of Curacao

107) The infective stage of Entomopathogenic nematodes J3

108) Red flour beetle damage gives to off flavour to the produced due to Gaseous quinones

109) Apple factor-Phlorizin is an antifeedant to Non apple feeding aphids

110) Presence of which acid imparts resistance against pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera in chickpea- Malic acid

111) Best method to control maize fall armyworm Direct spraying to whorls

112) Coffee berry borer belongs to family Scolytidae

113) Incorporating two or more genes into a variety to impart resistance to more biotypes is called Gene pyramiding

114) Cochineal insect produces a crimson color dye is Carminic acid

115) Lectins are what type of gene are isolated from one plant and cloned into another to produce transgenic plants- Protein

116) Bird scare device releasing gas Acetylene gas

117) Whitefly genus knows as vector of more number of viruses Bemisia tabaci

118) Insect circulatory system is blood flows freely all over the body

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