Entomology Oneliner For Competitive Exam-90

Q. Mycoplasma diseases transmitted by a) Aphids b) Leaf hoppers 

Q. Which following component will help to transmission of virus?
a) Nucleic acid b) Protein coat c) Helper virus d) Viriod

Q. Which of the following one is most destructive mite in rice?
a) Oligonychus b) Schizotetranychus c) Stenotarsonamus d) All the above

Q. Mite is polyphagous, commom to vegetable and ornamental crops? Polyphagous

Q. Which of the following is not an acaricide?
a) Kelthane b) Etoxazole c) Spiromesifen d) Acetamaprid

Q. What is the percentage of drying of seeds/grains to get rid of stored pests? 10%

Q. Sanjose scale is a pest of Apple

Q. In coconut root injection technique is used to for the management of Black
headed caterpillar

Q. Pollu beetle is a major pest of Pepper

Q. “T” shaped marking on marble sized mango fruits is characteristic symptom of
Mango nut weevil

Q. Gummosis and crown toppling in coconut is characteristic symptom of Red palm

Q. Insect feeds on silk and developing cobs of maize Helicoverpa armijera

Q. Silver shoot in paddy is a characteristic symptom of Orseolia oryzae

Q. The energy is utilized for making fog, smoke and vapour sprays Thermal energy

Q. Pesticide are better applied to field crops Either in the morning or the evening

Q. Droplet spray is known as aerosol spray 1 to 50 microns

Q. Nozzle used for producing mist Blast nozzle

Q. Use resistant varities in IPM example of Cultural control

Q. Which of the following is not a cultural practice for pest suppression?
a) Crop rotation b) Inter cropping c) Time of sowing d) Hand picking

Q. Trimedlure is a lure for Ceratitis capitata

Q. Tool is used to measure the behaviour of insect towards the odour source Wind

Q. When the larvae moults into pupa the concentration of Juvenile hormone Decreases

Q. Maximum number of insect biotypes is observed in Hessian fly

Q. The occurrence of asparagine in minute quantities was considered to be the
primary cause resistance to BPH in rice variety Mudgo

Q. The non-preference of plant resistance to insects is also known as Antixenosis

Q. Mode of action of Neonicotinoids Nictonic acetylcholine receptor agonists

Q. An insecticide having LD5010000 (Single dose to rats) classified as
a) Highly toxic b) Practically harmless c) Slightly toxic d) Somewhat toxic

Q. In sorghum, Intercropping with cowpea/pulses is the management practice for
a) Shoot fly b) Stem borer c) Sorghum midge d) Earhead bug

Q. The pest,white grubs lays eggs singly in loose soil

Q. In sugarcane earthing up is the management practice for Early shoot borer

Q. In sugarcane biological control, use of EPN’s for
a) Ceratovacuna lanigera b)Scripohaga nivella c) Scriphophaga indicus d)
Holotrichia serrate

Q. Webbing of leaves in groundnut is a characteristic symptom of Leafminer

Q. Phytotoxemia causing insect Tea mosquito bug

Q. Scientific name of Rust red flour beetle Tribolium castsneum

Q. Smallest storage damaging insect Cryptolests minutas

Q. Karanjin, active principle present in a Pongamia glabra is Furanoflavonol

Q. Techniques used for males trapping and reducing the reproductive ability of
female’s Male annihilation technique and mating disruption

Q. The chemical which give advantage to receiver but not releaser Kairomone

Q. Physical nature of neonicotinoids Soil application, Foliarspray and Seed

Q. Biotype which is most destructive in Indian sub-continent? Biotype 4

Q. Order of insect used in forensic entomology Diptera

Q. The pathway related sap-sucking insects Signalling pathway

Q. Schmidt sting pain index is a pain scale ranging between 1 to 4

Q. The Apis mellifera complete genome sequence was published in the year 2006

Q. Stipital region of labium is called Palpiger

Q. Pesticide Nano emulsion size range >200nm

Q. Effective predatory mite for controling spider mites……………..

Q. Defenece secretion of bombardian beetles is Benzoquinones

Q. Mustard sawfly have three pairs of thoracic legs and 6-8 pairs of prolegs

Q. Production of young ones by immature stages is Paedogenesis

Q. Dust formulations toxicant range 0.1 to 25%

Q. Example of Proinsecticide Cartap

Q. Fenoxycarb is a Juvenile hormone analogue

Q. Most important enzyme of MFOs system is Cytochrome P-450

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