Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner For Agri Exam

Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner

Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner

Environmental Science and Ecology

Quest.The sum total condition in which organisms live is called as


Quest.A self supporting community – plants and animals interacting with each other and the non-living environment to provide a balanced system is a


Quest.The word ‘ecosystem’ was coined by


Quest.The region existing between two ecosystems which contain species of both ecosystems is


Quest.The study of interactions between living organism and environment is called as

Ans.Ecology (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.The term ecology was introduced by


Quest.Large portions of the earth with similar climate, soil, plant and animal life community is known as


Quest.The earth contains a thin region known as the biosphere, in which life exists. The three parts of the biosphere are

Ans.Atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere

Quest.Sphere of Water or 70% of global is occupied by


Quest.The characteristics of the type of environment where an organism normally lives?

Ans.Habitat (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.All the populations of the different species living and inter-acting in the same ecosystem?


Quest.The variety of living organisms (flora and fauna) is called as


Quest.The environment which includes producers, consumers and decomposers?

Ans.Biotic environment

Quest.Abiotic environment does not include


Quest.The environment which has been modified by human activities is called

Ans.Anthropogenic environment (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.The group of organisms which convert light into food are called


Quest.The plants, which produce food themselves through photosynthesis?


Quest.The ecosystem component, feed on producer or consumers?


Quest.The Heterotrophs, feed on plants and called primary consumers?


Quest.The Heterotrophs, feed on meats and called secondary consumers?

Ans.Carnivores (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.The main constituent of CNG is


Quest.The Heterotrophs, feed on both plants and meats?


Quest.The base of the food chain in the ocean is the


Quest.Primary consumers in aquatic system are?


Quest.The ecosystem component, which break down dead organic matter and wastes?

Ans.Decomposers (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.Decomposers include

Ans.Bacteria and Fungi

Quest.In which ecosystem, producers are of large size

Ans.Grassland ecosystem

Quest.Natural resources which are renewable

Ans.Water and wood

Quest.Non Renewable resources are

Ans.Minerals, fossil, fuels.

Quest.The main constituent of LPG is

Ans.Butane (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.The source of energy for all plants is


Quest.The ecological factors, related to soil and substratum, are called

Ans.Edaphic Factor

Quest.The term used to refer the weight of all the organisms at a tropical level.


Quest.The unit of energy is


Quest.Which is not included under biomass?

Ans.Water (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.Plants which grow on other plants are called


Quest.Increasing industrialisation is causing much danger to man’s life by

Ans.Polluting the environment

Quest.Major pollutants that contribute to 90% of global air pollution

Ans.CO and CO2

Quest.Global warming focuses on an increase in the level of which gas in the atmosphere?

Ans.Carbon dioxide

Quest.Colourless and odourless air pollutant is

Ans.SO2 (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.Most poisonous pollutant in water


Quest.Most commonly used disinfectant in water purification


Quest.The test which has self purification capacity of water body

Ans.BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) test

Quest.Materials that cause BOD include

Ans.Wood, animal wastes, sewage

Quest.Permissible limit of iron in drinking water

Ans.1 ppm (Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

Quest.A disease caused by mercury (Hg) poisoning of water at Japan in 1953


Quest.Manimata disease is due to

Ans.Mercury toxicity

Quest.Itai-Itai disease is due to

Ans.Cadmium (Cd) toxicity

Quest.The chief green house gases are

Ans.CO2 and CH4

(Environmental Science and Ecology One Liner)

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