Field Crop Cultivation One Liner For Competitive exam

Field Crop Cultivation One Liner

Field Crop Cultivation One Liner

Field Crop Cultivation One Liner


Quest.The causal organism of brown spot of rice

Ans.Helminthosporium oryzae

Quest.The brown spot of rice is

Ans.Externally seed borne disease

Quest.Poor man’s disease of rice

Ans.Bacterial leaf blight (Xanthomonas oryzae)

Quest.The most destructive phase of the bacterial blight of rice is known as


Quest.The air borne disease of rice

Ans.Rice Blast (Pyricularia oryzae) (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Rice blast is effectively controlled by spraying of


Quest.The soil borne disease of rice

Ans.Sheath blight of rice (Rhizoctonia oryzae)

Quest.Khaira disease of rice is caused by

Ans.Zinc deficiency

Quest.Khaira disease of rice is controlled by spraying

Ans.Zinc sulphate (5 kg)+ lime (2.5 kg/ha) in 10 days nursery

Quest.The main symptom of Tungro disease of rice

Ans.Yellowing of leaves (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The vector of Tungro disease


Quest.The disease responsible for the great Bengal famine in 1942-43

Ans.Brown spot of rice

Quest.Montek disease of rice is caused by

Ans.Rice root nematode

Wheat and Barley

Quest.The soil, air and seed borne disease of wheat

Ans.Kernal bunt (Neovossia indica)

Quest.The foul smell of kernel bunt infected field is due to

Ans.Trimethyl-amine (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Loose smut of wheat is a

Ans.Internally seed borne disease

Quest.Loose smut of wheat is caused by

Ans.Ustilego nuda triticii

Quest.Loose smut of wheat can be controlled by seed treatment with


Quest.Solar heat treatment is used to control

Ans.Loose smut of wheat

Quest.Which rust was earliest appeared in India on wheat

Ans.Brown/Orange/Leaf rust (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Alternate host of black stem rust of wheat in India is

Ans.Berberries sp.

Quest.The causal organism of Black/stem rust

Ans.Puccinia gramini triticii

Quest.The causal organism of Yellow/strip rust

Ans.Puccinia striformis

Quest.The causal organism of Brown/orange/leaf rust

Ans.Puccinia recondita

Quest.Which disease of wheat is discovered in Haryana?

Ans.Kernal bunt

Quest.Bacterial rot of wheat ears is also known as

Ans.Spike blight/Tundu/Yellow slime disease

Quest.The causal organism of covered smut of barley

Ans.Ustilago hardei (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Sooty or charcoal like powdery mass usually appearing on floral organs particularly the ovary is


Quest.Which stage of the wheat rust fungus is considered as the perfect stage

Ans.Telial stage

Maize, Sorghum and Bajra

Quest.White bud of maize is caused by

Ans.Zn deficiency

Quest.The causal organism of Grain Smut of sorghum

Ans.Sphacelotheca sorghi (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Grain Smut of sorghum is also known as

Ans.Covered/Kernel/Shoot smut

Quest.Grain and Head smuts are

Ans.Seed borne disease

Quest.The causal organism of Head Smut of sorghum

Ans.Sphacelotheca relliana

Quest.The most serious smut among the smuts affecting sorghum is

Ans.Grain smut (Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Downey Mildew/Green Ear disease of Bajra is caused by

Ans.Sclerospora graminicola

Quest.Ergot disease of Bajra is caused by

Ans.Claviceps fusiformis

Quest.Ear showing honey dew symptoms is characteristic feature of

Ans.Grain smut of bajra

Quest.Smut disease infect the plant at

Ans.Tillering stage

(Field Crop Cultivation One Liner)

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