Field Crop One Liner For Competitive exam

Field Crop One Liner


Field Crop One Liner

Quest.The botanical name of maize is
Ans.Zea mays

Quest.Maize crop is also referred as
Ans.Queen of cereals

Quest.The maize protein is known as

Quest.Protein and oil per cent in Maize grain
Ans.8–10 per cent and 4–5 per cent

Quest.Most widely grown maize spp. in India?
Ans.Zea mays indurate (Flint corn)

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Quest.Leading state of rabi maize?

Quest.Maize variety widely grown in USA?
Ans.Zea mays identata (Dent corn)

Quest.The sweetest maize species
Ans.Zea mays sacchrata (Sweet corn)

Quest.Maize species produce starch similar to tapioca
Ans.Zea mays ceretina (Waxy corn)

Quest.Seed rate of Hybrid maize
Ans.20 to 25 kg/ha

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Quest.Seed rate of Composite maize is
Ans.15 to 20 kg/ha

Quest.First maize hybrid released in India?

Quest.Single cross technology of maize is given by
Ans.East and Shull (1910)

Quest.Double cross technique of maize is given by
Ans.D.F. Jones (1920)

Quest.Fodder crop maize varieties are
Ans.African tall, J1006(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.Pop corn maize varieties are
Ans.Amber pop, V L Amber. Pop, Pearl pop corn

Quest.Quality Protein Maize (QPM) varieties released by using
Ans.Opaqua-2 genes

Quest.QPM varieties are
Ans.Sakti, Shaktiman 1 & 2, HQPM

Quest.Hybrid varieties of maize
Ans.Ganga-1, 3, 5, 101, Ganga safed-2, Ranjit, Ganga-4

Quest.Composite varieties of maize
Ans.Jawahar, Vikram, Kishan, Ambar, Sona, Vijay.(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.The most critical stages for irrigation in maize
Ans.Silking stage.

Quest.Maize crop leaves show red and purple colour due to deficiency of
Ans.Phosphorus (P)


Quest.Botanical name of sorghum is
Ans.Sorghum bicolor

Quest.Sorghum crop is also referred as
Ans.Camel crop(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.The seed rate of sorghum
Ans.12-15 kg/ha

Quest.1st Hybrid variety of sorghum
Ans.CSH-1 (released in 1965)

Quest.Alkaloid content present in sorghum leaves
Ans.HCN (Dhurin alkaloid)

Quest.Sweet sorghum varieties
Ans.RSSV 46, 53, 59, 84, 96, NSS 216(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.Varieties suitable for both grain and fodder purpose
Ans.CSH 13 and CSV 15

Pearl millet/Bajra

Quest.Botanical name of Pearlmillet
Ans.Pennisetum glaucum

Quest.Pearlmillet is also known as
Ans.Bulrush millet(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.The seed rate of Pearlmillet
Ans.5 kg/ha

Quest.1st Hybrid variety of Pearlmillet
Ans.HB-1 in 1965

Quest.Hybrids varieties of Pearlmillet
Ans.HB- 1 to 5 and Pusa 23.

Quest.80 per cent phosphorus in bajra grains stored in the form of

Quest.Productivity of Bajra is highest at


Quest.Botanical name of two rowed barley
Ans.Hardium distichoum(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.Six rowed barley is
Ans.Hardium vulgare

Quest.The seed rate of barley is
Ans.75-80 kg/ha

Quest.Critical stage for irrigation in barley
Ans.Active Tiplering Stage (30–35 DAS)

Quest.‘Pearl Barley’ is suited for
Ans.Kidney disorders(Field Crop One Liner)

Quest.Molya disease resistant variety of barley is
Ans.RD 2052

Quest.Melting quality is high in variety

Quest.Grassy weed in barley field can be effectively controlled by
Ans.Both Isoproturon and 2,4-D

Quest.Lugri is a fermented drink developed from
Ans.Hull less barley grains.

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