Floriculture One-liner For Competitive Exam – 97


1.Origin place of rose India

2.Rose is known as Queen of flower

3.Rose is Symbol of beauty

4.Rose is the national flower of England

5.Best time of planting rose is September to October

6.Commercial method of propagation T – budding

7.Best time of budding November to February

8.Fruit of rose Rosehips

9.Dr.BP .PAL is related to Rose breeding

10. Gulkand is prepared by mixing Petals and sugar in 1:1rato

11. White flower variety of rose is Tushar

12. Red flower variety of rose is Crimson Glory

13. Thornless variety of rose Pusa Mohit, Suchitra

14. Increase shelflife of flower Pulsing treatment is done.

15. Scientific name of Gladiolus Gladiolus hybrids

16. Family of Gladiolus Iridacea

17. Propagation method of Gladiolus Corn / Tissue culture

18. Scientific name of the Chrysanthemum Dendranthema gradifora

19. Family of Chrysanthemum Compositae/Asteraceae

20. Common name of Chrysanthemum Guldaudi

21. Origin of Chrysanthemum China

22. Propagation method of Chrysanthemum is Root sucker

23. Scientific name of marigold Tagetes SPP.

24. Seed rate of marigold One kg/ha

25. Fruit can be processed at a temperature of 100 °c

26. Vegetable can be processed at a temperature of 115 – 121 °c

27. Asepsis prevent entry of Microbes

28. Raisins known as Kismis

29. Oxidation can be checked by antioxidants

30. scientific name of coconut Cocus nucifera

31. Family of coconut is Aracaceae

32. India rank 3rd in Coconut production

33. Kerala share in coconut production is 42 %

34. Scientific name of Rhinoceros beetles Oryctus rhinoceros

35. Fan like appearance of leaves in Rhinoceros beetles

36. Scientific name of Grape Vitis vinifera

37. Family of grape Vitaceae

38. Grape is a Deciduous crop

39. Grape propagated by Hardwood cutting

40. Element that is universal deficient in the grape is Mg

41. Tartaric acid is present in Grapefruits

42. Arka Trishna & Soma variety of grape is used to Wine purpose

43. Arka Hans variety of grape is used to White wine

44. Arka Kanchan variety of grape is Late maturity variety

45. Perlette variety of grape is Mostly grown in Rajasthan

46. Downy mildew is major disease of Grape

47. Scientific name of Aonla Emblica officinalis

48. Family of Aonla is Euphorbiaceae

49. Aonla is also known as Indian gooseberry

50. Propagation by Aonla is Patch budding

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