Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner For Agri exam-2

Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner

Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner


Quest.The botanical name of acid lime

Ans.Citrus aurentifolia

Quest.Break fast fruit is

Ans.Grape fruit (C. paradise leaf)

Quest.The botanical name of Sweet Orange

Ans.Citrus sinensis

Quest.Which citrus species is known as Fancy fruit?

Ans.C. reticulate

Quest.Thornless species of citrus

Ans.Tahiti lime (C. latifolia) (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Monoembryonic species of citrus


Quest.Polyembryonic species of citrus

Ans.Acid lime

Quest.Which species of citrus produces seedless fruits?

Ans.Tahiti lime

Quest.The normal planting space of citrus

Ans.5-6m × 5-6m (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Commercial propagation method

Ans.Seed and Budding

Quest.Rootstock of mandarin orange is

Ans.Rangpur lime

Quest.Best method for irrigation of citrus

Ans.Ring method

Quest.‘Kinnow’ is a cross between

Ans.King × Willow leaf

Quest.Seedless variety of mandarin orange

Ans.Satsuma (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Lucknow seedless is a variety of



Quest.The banana is commonly known as

Ans.Adam’s fig and Tree of paradise

Quest.The normal planting space of banana

Ans.1.8-2m × 1.8-2m

Quest.Commercial propagation method

Ans.Sword Suckers

Quest.Banana inflorescence is known as


Quest.Best variety for chips making


(Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Gold finger is a

Ans.Hybrid banana

Quest.How much sugar contains in ripe banana?


Quest.Degreening of banana is done by


Quest.Removal of male bud after completion of female phase is known as


Quest.Removal of undesired suckers, done once in 45 days of planting

Ans.Desuckering (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Tetrazolium test is used for detection of

Ans.Bunchy top virus

Other Fruit Crops

Quest.Which crop is commonly known as Single seeded nut?


Quest.Litchi is commercial propagated by

Ans.Air layering and Seed

Quest.Red pigment in litchi is due to


Quest.Sapota is grown in

Ans.Tropical climate

Quest.Commercial propagation method of sapota

Ans.Inarching (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Most popular varieties of sapota

Ans.Kali patti, Pili patti, Oval, Cricket ball, Chatri, Barahmasi.

Quest.CO-1 is a cross of

Ans.Cricket ball × oval

Quest.Botanical name of Monkey jack

Ans.Autocarpus heterophylus

Quest.Jackfruit is commercially propagated by

Ans.Air layering

Quest.The popular varieties of jackfruit

Ans.Champa, Rudrakshi and Singapore (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Aonla is commercially propagated by


Quest.The popular varieties of Aonla

Ans.Banarasi, Krishna, Chakaiya, Hathi jhul, Kanchan, NA-7, 9

Quest.Most widely used training system of aonla

Ans.Modified central leader system

Quest.Ber is commonly known as

Ans.Poor man’s fruit and king of arid fruits (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.The commercially cultivated variety of ber


Quest.Early variety of ber


Quest.Best time for prunning of ber

Ans.End of May to Mid June

Quest.Ber fruits are matured at

Ans.5-6 months after flowering

Quest.Richest source of Vit-B2

Ans.Bael (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Active ingredient present in Bael


Quest.The most ideal stage of bael for making preserve

Ans.Mature green stage

Quest.Paras is a variety of


Quest.Seedless variety of Jamun is

Ans.Narendra Jamun-6

Quest.The commercial propagation method of pineapple

Ans.Suckers and slips (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Singapore, Mauritious and Giant Kew are the varieties of


Quest.The enzyme contains in pineapple fruit


Quest.The chemical used for inducing flowering in pineapple

Ans.Ethrel and NAA

Quest.Queen of temperate fruit


Quest.Apple bowl of India

Ans.Himachal Pradesh (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Apple is commercially propagated by

Ans.Tongue grafting and Whip budding

Quest.Redness in apple is due to


Quest.Delicious, Rome beauty and Parlin’s Beauty are

Ans.Late maturing apple

Quest.Diploid variety of apples are

Ans.Self fertile

Quest.Usually apple is graded on

Ans.6 size (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Discolouration of apple after cutting is due to


Quest.Commercial propagating method of grapevine

Ans.Hard wood cutting

Quest.Arka Hans is a cross of

Ans.Banglore Blue × Anab-e-shahi

Quest.Most widely accepted training system of grapevine in India

Ans.Bower system

Quest.Which is used for improving fruit quality of grape?

Ans.20 ppm GA (Fruit Crop Cultivation One Liner)

Quest.Which fruit is commonly known as “Kalpavriksha


Quest.Cashew nut and almond are the richest source of


Quest.Richest source of Iron


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